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    So the largest catering service in Buenos Aires wants to start doing smoked meats.

    On Monday I am going to take the one of my small offsets so they can try their hand at smoking and get some practice.

    I sent them some large insulated designs I have but they choked on the price as there is 250 hours of labor involved and steel is not cheap here.

    I found a solution and seeing if anyone has any great ideas on how to use this or what is the maximum length this would function well at.

    They have room out back of their shop to put down a concrete slab and we knock up a cheap tin shack to put over it.

    One Idea I have was to put the firebox in the center of the tank with a chimney on each end. 

    Dimensions are 4.9 meters long by 78 cm diameter 

    Lets hear your input. 

    Here's the link although it is in Spanish and the price is in Argentine pesos[S:HOME,L:CONVBOOKMARK-STOCK-ITM,V:1]   

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    That size of barrel is fairly cheap as listed. It would have to be on a trailer to be mobil, hard to cater with a stationary cook station. To be honest I would think for a company that does lots of catering would be best served with a smaller smoker with more cook stations on the trailer. That barrel could be a smoker one end and possibly modified for argentinian grill on one end. But as with everything you stated before the amount of hours in that build would make the cost to the point of choke for them. Untile they see a solid market to justify the cost they would not likely change their current ways.

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