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  1. Decided to start up a small business. Will be smoking 24-30 butts and 12- 15 brisket per week. Right now 8 am running six modified brinkman tmle. Looking for new smokers. Tried a buddy's mini stumpster and fell in love. Thinking of purchasing two xl stumpsters. Any imput would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time for the help.
  2. noboundaries

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    Can't help much except to say nice smokers.  Wish I had one.  Someday maybe.  The XL hold 9 butts or 6 briskets.  Two XLs should be plenty and leave room for more.
  3. red dog

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    Do you get a discount for buying 2? I'd love to have one of those but I'd have to sell my car. That's not a bad price. I thought they would be more than that. If I could afford it I'd be going for it.
  4. Hey red dog , talked to thad estes about thepossibility of a discount. He said definetly there is a discount. That was thursday the 29 th. If interested give thad a cal.
  5. red dog

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    Man I wish. I have seen Stump cook on them on TV and they are sweet smokers. I would love to see some photos of a smoke if you get one.

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