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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by rj2316, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. rj2316

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    Got the final go ahead from my CFO (my wife) to build a new smoker. It has been codenamed Project Smokescreen. My idea is to build it using 55 gallon drums. I plan on using two of them together for the cooking chamber. It will be reverse flow. I also plan on creating a removable divider between the two drums to make it smaller for smaller smokes. I know that I'll need an extra smoke stack. I've done the math for the firebox and all of the openings. I guess I have a couple of questions. One has anyone seen/done something like this before? Also, when it is being used in the smaller mode, will there be any adverse affects of having the larger firebox? Thanks a lot for all of your help. Pictures to come...
  2. garlic

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    IMHO big is good. I have made a few and even though I could not do proper math on the first one, the oversized fire box works well for me.
    The first cooker I built was 30" dia. X 8' for the cook chamber and the fire box was 36"dia. X 36" long. The barrel was made from 1/4" plate that we rolled into a tube, same as the fire box. It looked good on paper but when we actually went to put it together ,WOW did we make a mistake?. Actually in the end we could burn tree stumps and not have to mess with it for 5 or 6 hours. But using charcoal! (the first time we cooked we did and that was the last time for charcoal) it ate a ton! After we figured it out the oversized firebox worked very well, we cooked on it for 2 years, finally sold it and designed one by learning from the mistakes from the first one. The most recient one has a 2 1/2' tall X 3' wide X 3' deep double walled fire box (3/8" inner wall, 1/4" outter shell) for a 4' X 8' X 3 1/2' cook chamber, it works real good.
  3. waysideranch

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    Try a search for 55 gal drum smokers. There have been lots built. Hope you find some useful info.
  4. thebodyman

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    that is pretty close to what i am doing i have my 2 55 gallon drums welded together and i will be putting a fire box in the back i think it will work great when it is done
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    Thanks for the input guys. I think the oversized firebox will work fine too. This will be my first true stick burner so I'm sure it will be an experience learning how to use it. I am very excited to get it done though. Going to get barrels today!
  6. garlic

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    Good luck and Hppy Smokings.

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