Smokehouse Summer Sausage and Backwoods Trail Bologna

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by disco, Oct 5, 2015.

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    My buddy and I went to Edmonton to go to a BC Lions football game. Sadly the Edmonton Eskimos won but it gave me a chance to go to Cabelas and Bass Pro. I was wanting to try some sausage in my new Louisiana Grills Pellet Smoker. So, I picked up some Smokehouse Summer Sausage Seasonings and a Backwoods Trail Bologna

    Each kit called for 5 pounds of meat. I had 4 pounds of moose left in my freezer and I used pork shoulder to make up the difference. I ground the meat for the summer sausage with a medium plate and the trail bologna with a fine plate.

    The Smokehouse seasonings don't include cure and I don't feel comfortable doing a long smoke without cure. Also, the colour wouldn't be as good. So I added 1/4 ounce of cure to the seasoning mix. I then mixed that and 1 cup of water into the meat.

    The Backwoods seasonings included cure. They call for mixing the cure and seasonings with 5 ounces of water. Then you mix the slurry with 5 pounds of meat.

    When the meat was mixed, I pulled out the LEM sausage stuffer. I put the Summer sausage in 3 inch fibrous casings that hold 2 1/2 pounds each. I put the Trail Bologna in 2 inch casings that came in the kit.

     I put the sausage in the fridge overnight. Then I put them on racks for an hour to make sure they were dry.

    I put the sausages in the Louisiana Grills smoker not turned on with the A-MAZE-N pellet smoker filled with oak. I propped the cover open a bit to give good air flow and cold smoked the sausages for 3 hours.

    Then I smoked the sausages at 180 F on the pellet smoker until the internal temperature was 157 F.

    The Trail Bologna took 3 1/2 hours to get to temperature and the summer sausage took 4 1/2 hours. When the sausages reached temperature, I put them in an ice water bath to stop the cooking.

    Then I put the sausage on racks to get more colour.

    I put them in the fridge overnight to let the smoke even out and cut.

    Here are the final products.

    Summer Sausage

    Trail Bologna

    The Verdict

    The Smokehouse Summer Sausage has a nice sweet, smoke, salty balance with just a touch of pepper spice. It is a nice product I will make again.

    The Backwoods Trail Bologna was something I have never tried before. It is wonderful. This is not your parents bologna. There is a nice spice complexity but the best part is a slow mellow heat that develops as you eat. Not burning hot, just a nice mellow heat. I really like it.

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    That looks great! Congrats

  3.  Looks great as usual Disco. Good pics and well written. [​IMG]

  4. tropics

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    Disco that is another fine looking sausage you have made.


  5. disco that looks great, as usual. nice looking thread also.[​IMG]

  6. disco

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    Thanks! It tasted fine too.
    Hey Chuck! Thanks for the point!
    Thanks for the point, Richie. Now I just have to resist eating it too quickly.
    The point is much appreciated, Danny.

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    More great sausage from Disco.

  8. dirtsailor2003

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    Great Looking Sausages Disco!

  9. bearcarver

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    Looks Awesome, Disco!![​IMG]------------------------[​IMG]

    How about frying me up a mess of that Tasty looking Sausage----- I'll bring the Eggs!!![​IMG][​IMG]

    You've come a long way since making my Unstuffed Bear Sticks!![​IMG]

  10. daveomak

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    Morning Disco.... Looks awesome... perfect sausage....

  11. driedstick

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    Disco, Disco, Disco!!!! Nice job, them look great,,, What size casing was that like 1 3/4 - 2" dia?? 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker

  12. crankybuzzard

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    That's my kind of sausage right there!  Looks great!
  13. disco

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    Thanks, Adam. I appreciate the point!
    Very kind, Case! Thanks for the point.
    Har. I just pulled some sticks from the freezer, Bear. A lot of all my efforts are your fault and you'll have to answer to She Who Must Be Obeyed. Thanks for the point.
    Thanks, Dave. They were tasty.
  14. disco

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    The summer sausage was 2 1/2 inch and the trail bologna was 1 3/4 inch. Thanks for the kind words.
    Thank you, Buzzard!
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    Disco Great post and nice smoke on that new unit.      [​IMG]

    Thanks for sharing.
  16. disco

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    Thanks for the point, twoalpha.
  17. Looks Great!!!

    [​IMG]Nice Job on the sausage and the step by step,

  18. disco

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    Thank you for the point, OS.
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    Disco, very nice job for sure ! Looks really tasty & another on the list to try.... I'm losing that battle though, as soon as I try one new thing, I add three more... :biggrin: Oh well, the ever growing list just keeps going ! Haha
  20. Looks good Disco,  You came a long way.  Great pictures..    Would you make the Summer Sausage again or do it differently the next time?      You earned the points..  [​IMG]


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