smoked yakisoba, first try

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by thinblueduke, Jul 12, 2014.

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    Trying something new for today's lunch smoke: yakisoba.  Kind of the Japanese version of lo mein.  Not much in the way of seasoning, just soba noodles, onions, green peppers, green onions, pork, salt & pepper, lemon juice, worcestershire, and some oil to keep them from sticking.  Will add some katsuobushi (smoked shaved skipjack flakes) on the plate.  Here's the before pic:

    The potatoes are for today's dinner smoke, a chuck (eye?) roast.  More pics to come.
  2. venture

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    Nice explanation and looks great!

    Without the explanation, you would have lost me on yakisoba and katsuobushi. 

    Now I see I have more to learn.   [​IMG]

    Thank you for the post!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  3. thinblueduke

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    About one hour at about 240 degrees.  Cooked until all of the pork had lost its pink.  The noodles took the smoke quite well, but they got a bit hard in spots.

    Next time, I may start everything except the noodles first, and add some more worcestershire.  Not bad for a first attempt, though.
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    I am happy, that is a completely new box you are thinking outside of, impressive!

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