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  1. Making smoked turkey breast BLT sandwiches with avocado for dinner tonight. Made a butter bath (using 1 stick of butter) for the turkey spreading a commercial rub all over including under the skin. I also spread the melted butter over the breast first. I will let the breast smoke in the butter bath for 1.5 - 2 hours. Then I will take out setting directly onto the 2nd grate. I got a mix of Jack Daniel's and cherry wood for the smoke; mostly cherry. MES is set to 235. Here's 1st pic. Will add more pix later:

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  2. bear55

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    Looking good, waiting for more pics.
  3. In the mood for turkey now !!

  4. b-one

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    Not sure which part will be better the turkey or the bacon:drool
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    Don't foget that avocado..... that sucker makes it a special.

    Sounds delicious, and I am still full from supper!
  6. Alight, here's the rest of the pics. The breast came out fantastic; it was moist with plenty of juices. That butter bath really did the trick. I did not brine at all. Also, the combo of a little Jack Daniel's wood and mostly cherry wood mixed very well. Sweet with a hint of oak barrels.

    Here's the breast out of the MES:

    First couple slices and everything is looking good:

    More slices for the avacado BLT sandwiches:

    Finally, the feast with homemade French fries:

    We still got plenty of turkey so tomorrow I think we're going to make SOS with white gravy or a chef salad.

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    I just finished my smoked turkey salad for lunch today..... so versatile.

    Nice looking breast!
  8. Man does that look great, I love Turkey samich 

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    Mmmmmm, looks good. I have a couple Turkish hanging out in the freezer, may have to pull one out for later this week.
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    That's no way to treat your dinner guests!! Let em outta there!
  11. With leftover turkey from last night we made SOS. My wife made a white gravy using the bacon grease. Delish!

    Sorry, I couldn't resist and took a bite [​IMG]
  12. Good use of left overs I like it

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    How many hours total dit it take at 235° to get it done?
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  14. Hi,

    I believe it didn't take more than 3 - 3 1/2 hours total time to smoke. I used a Thermo Works digital therm to monitor internal cooking temp. I highly recommend a quality therm and not to smoke food based on time alone.

    Best success to you!
  15. 3 to 3:15 should do it for a 7 lb. breast @ 235F.  I would  recommend however pushing it to at least 275F, should cut time to 2:30 or so but more importantly will provide some skin crisping that is so desirable.  I always brine, oil and spice rub and refrigerate to dry the skin for at least 24 hours; never fails to give amazing skin.
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    Really nice, thanks for sharing. Now the process of begging for one the smoke... [​IMG]

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