Smoked Trout w/ Q-vue

Discussion in 'Fish' started by noire, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. noire

    noire Fire Starter

    BBQ'd up some trout and some ABT's tonight.

  2. I have some trout in the freezer I've been thinking of smoking! Got any tips? They look great. Big Bob[​IMG]
  3. erain

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  4. noire

    noire Fire Starter

    Thanks :)

    I just did a regular salt water brine.

    My wife had some smoked trout a few weeks ago, so we were trying to do something similar. She hard boiled a couple of eggs, mixed some cream cheese up with chives and dill, and had some capers on the side. Then we put it all together on some italian bread crustini. Turned out really good.
  5. meat-man

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    looks good nice job [​IMG]

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