Smoked, Stuffed Portobellos with Q-view

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    Putting together a PP smoke for my students tomorrow afternoon (a little friendly competition with the boss again!).  Of course, there are always a couple of vegetarians (= old Indian word for "bad hunter" :-D ) in the crowd, so I throw a couple of Portobellos in the smoker for those poor, unfortunate, misguided souls.

    This round was a tweak of a recipe I used for my last competition with the boss.  I stuffed the mushrooms with a mix of Ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan cheeses.  I sauteed garlic and spinach (very quickly) and mixed with raw, chopped onion.  Olive Oil, salt, pepper, and Italian bread crumbs were added to the mix and piled on the caps.  Picked up a great tip here on SMF: poke the top of the cap a few times with a knife to let the moisture drain out through the cap & the grate.  It worked great! No soggy shrooms!  Here they are just after pulling them from the smoker -- about 1.5 hours in the smoky goodness:


    All I can think of is how much better these would be with sausage, chopped bacon, or both in that stuffing mix!!!!  Oh well.  These aren't for me anyway.  I'll have to save that for the upcoming long weekend!

    Cheers everyone!  Thanks for looking, and have a blessed Memorial Day!  And please take a moment to:
    1. Fly your flag[​IMG]
    2. Pause to remember and give thanks for those who "gave the last, full measure of devotion..."  (A. Lincoln, Gettysburg Address)  [​IMG]
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    They look awesome James. I love portobellos on the grill. I am definitely going to try this recipe along with one or two with some sausage as well. Poking the portos to let out moisture is a great tip also, Thanks!

    Definitely will be flying the Red, White and Blue.   [​IMG]
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    Shooter X2
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    Just a short follow up.  My vegetarian students loved the smoked mushrooms.  I got a taste myself, and I must say they were pretty good even though they were meatless.  They'll be even better with some ground sausage or chopped bacon in the mix!  The weekend is almost here!!!!  I see more smoked, stuffed shrooms in my near future!!!!
  5. My sister in law has become a vegetarian and doesn't come around as much when I am cooking. I sometimes make grilled portobello sandwiches for us when she wants to come hang out. This will be a great idea to use when I'm doing some PP or chicken, ribs, etc. Thanks for the inspiration, they look and sound excellent!


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