Smoked Spiral Ham 7 lbs - Before/After Shots

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    Not my first smoke, but I see all the posts others do with their outcomes, so I figured I would contribute also.

    Our Church had a Xmas Dinner, so I decided to Cowboy Up and smoke a ham for the group.

    Along with it we had some classic Mustard based BBQ, and a Fried Turkey.

    7 lbs, spiral cut bone in ham from Publix.  I pulled out the Glaze packet and tossed it.


    Jeff's Rub

    Master Forge Propan smoker

    Apple Wood Chips Soaked in Water for around 30-45 minutes

    Remote Thermometer

    Apple Juice/Water mixture in a spray bottle

    First, teach your 2 year old daughter to properly wash her hands, rub the ham down with mustard, and then apply Jeff's Rub.

    Wash hands afterwards.  Make sure you open up a little of the spiral slices and toss a little bit of rub into the crevices.

    Bring the Smoker up to about 220-230 F.  Slide ham on rack.  Toss in your soaked apple chips.  Close the door!

    I started the ham around 2:15PM.  I kept smoke on it for about 1 to 1.5 hrs.  Around 3PM and 4PM I opened the doors to spray my apple juice/water mixture on it.

    I pulled my ham out with an internal of 150 F.  I wrapped it up in double foil, and stuffed it in a cooler with a blanket.

    That was right around 5PM.

    The smoke really penetrated in and it was super moist.

    Picture before I wrapped it up.

    Another view.  

    My daughter and I pulled off the bottom slice to sample of course. :)

    Another view.  Since I was feeding a good bit of people, I ran the electric knife through it to distribute more slices to the people.

    This is what was left of the ham.  The bone, and a sparse collection of attached meat...

    The ham was super moist and had great flavor.  I did not overdo the rub on it, since I was helping to feed a group of 25 people.

    I'd rather "under season" than "over season".

    Anyway, I figured I would post up a follow through on a smoke I did this year.


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