Smoked Pork Loin

Discussion in 'Pork' started by upswoody, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Hello, smoked an 8 lb. pork loil the other day,UMMMMM !

    I cut in in half, laid it back, pounded it out (oops I mean tenderized it)

    used Jeffs' rub with a few more spices,stuffed w/pepper jack cheese,onions,

    garlic,carrots,broccoli, then rolled it,rubbed it again then  wrapped it in bacon .

    Then I rigged up my electric rotissoire( with basket ) and inserted it in my

    55 gal UDS and slowly rotated them juices back into the loin for 2 hours of

    smokin using 8 lbs of charcoal with a few small chunks of soaked oak.

    It came off @ 170  and very moist. Should of taken pics.
  2. I should have taken pics.  :)  Sounds great.

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