Smoked Pork Chops

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  1. I was reading the May "StoryQue" magazine and I thought Lavern Gingerich's ideas for grilled Seasoned Pork Chops looked good but thought it might be even better smoked (well, mostly smoked!) We bought a 10lb pork tenderloin and I cut the middle third out of it to get the biggest chops each about 1.5" thick.

    The chops were butterflied, rubbed then sauced with Stubbs BBQ sauce inside and out. I took a piece of ham and a piece of capicola salami and double wrapped two pieces of swiss cheese, then stuffed the pork chops, toothpicked them closed, wrapped them in bacon, and sauced them again.

    These went into the smoker at 245 for about an hour and a half until the internal temp reached 145. 

    I rested them on the upper rack of a warm grill for about 5 minutes then grilled them to crisp up the bacon.

    Served them up with mac and cheese. Double wrapping the swiss cheese really kept the cheese inside the pork chop where it belonged! Great idea from Lavern!

  2. I should have posted this two weeks ago but, I'm baby-sitting a 7 pound brisket this morning and decided to let you all know how good the StoryQue recipe was! I'll let you know how the brisket comes out, I'm smoking at about 265 to get a better bark as some of you recommended after my last brisket. They keep telling me, "practice makes perfect" or, in muy case, I just hope it gets better each time I try!
  3. So glad to hear your story. Thanks for sharing that.  :)
  4. Thanks Lavern,

    I thought that was a great article and appreciate your ideas and thoughts.

    I'm still trying to learn from guys like you.

    Thanks Again,

  5. You are very welcome. We are working on making StoryQue more interesting and helpful. It's great hearing feedback.
  6. A way to up the ante and taste would be to smoke the full loin; then slice to the desired thickness. Toss on the grill for a nice crust and grill marks for presentation.
  7. Great idea, 

    I cut up the loin and then smoked the chops but, I like your idea better.

  8. that really looks good what type of smoker
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    Oh, no, Scott, don't change a thing! That looks AWESOME!!! Finally got the Big Guy to stop bring home boneless chix breasts during his weekly Sunday morning grocery trip (I'm not allowed to grocery shop; I'll spend three times as much and get a quarter of the stuff--hello, my name is Alicia and I AM a food snob.) Pork, the other white meat! He now brings home chops!

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