Smoked Pork chops, best way?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by fmcowboy, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. I'd like to make my first smoked pork chops tonight. I have only doe roasts in the smoker so far. These are about 3/4 to 1 " thick chops cut from the whole loin I had bout some time ago. What's the best method? I was thinking of smoking with apple wood. If I just lay them on the rack and probe one, what temp are they done at? What temp should I smoke them at? How long will they take, about an hour?

    thanks as I wasn't to do them for dinner tonight.
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    Pork should be done at around 175 degrees.

    As for how long you should figure about 1.5 hr per pound @225 Degrees.

    I don't think it would take an hour as thin as they are, but I have never done pork chops in a smoker just a grill.
  3. Well they came out great!! Light smoke from the apple wood chips. Moist and I seasoned with some pork rub, but not real heavy. Sine loin chops are so lean I was worried about them drying out so here;s a tip.

    The edges of the loin chops have some fat on them, so I cut off the think rounds of pork fat and then a scored it some and layed it on top of the chops. Helped keep them moist as it rendered. discard when done coooking. Took them off at 160 degrees and were wonderful. I am getting some mileage out of this smoker and getting into this habit!! thanks all.

    plated q-view

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    Congratulations, They sure look good...[​IMG]
  5. mph

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    They do look good. I'm going to try those tomorrow.[​IMG] I like the Mayor McCheese platter too.
  6. LOL. Kickin it old school with those plates from the 70's !!! :)
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    Haven't smoked chops yet. I usually brine them, the grill on my Weber. Think I'll try smoking them next time.
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    I think if I were you I would do exactly the same way jeanie does things because her way always look really fabulous. I have done the whole bone in pork loin
    Then this is out and posing for the camera before the foil and into the cooler.

    This is the way to buy th pork chops. That way you can cut them as thick as you want to.
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    Looks good FM - I have been wanting to bring some chops but after looking at Jeanie's chops I now have a few things to think about.
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    Why you throwing away good pork fat?[​IMG]
    Keep it and either take it to crispy-totaly rendered state and use in beans,or other dishes. OR, chop it up and put it in a salad!!!!!
    Yeah,it's not too much fat, besides it's GOOD!!!!![​IMG]

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