Smoked pork chop is crunchy

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ciaovivek, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. ciaovivek

    ciaovivek Newbie

    I smoked 2 inch thick bone in pork chop and it came out to be crunchy. Here is what I did.

    I brined it on Apple juice (Apple juice, salt, brown sugar and some herbs) for 8 hrs. I smoked in WSM till the temperature became 162 degree. Smoking temp was 245 +/- 10 degree.

    What should I do to make it like Perry's stake house style pork chops.

    Any advise? By the way, there was meet on the bone and bone did not come off easiy.
  2. venture

    venture Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Not sure what you mean by "crunchy"?  Could you elaborate on that description?

    162 would be too high for me.  I would like mine closer to 145? I would be afraid that 162 would lead to a dried out chop like my mother used to make?

    Not familiar with Perry's Steak House, so I could not address that question.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  3. ciaovivek

    ciaovivek Newbie

    Thanks for response.

    Crunchy means apple like crispy or more like uncooked. It was not tender. It was juicy and not dry. 

    When u cook it, does the meet fall off the bone or it is attached to the bone?
  4. chef jimmyj

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    Does the Pork at Perry's fall off the bone? Can you cut it with a fork? Is Perry's Pork Chop gray like a roast pork or Pink inside like it is cooked medium or even the kind of Pink color from Cure like Ham? We could use some more detail...JJ
  5. GaryHibbert

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    I agree, 162 is pretty much overdone.

    Venture, you sound like you were raised in Saskatchewan.  My entire family cooks pork chops like that.  LOL


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