Smoked picnic for deer camp.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bkennedy, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. bkennedy

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    I tossed in my Old Smokey and grabbed a 8 lb. pork butt and a 12 lb. turkey I bought on sale out of the freezer..and threw them in my ice chest to thaw. When I got to our deer camp I sit it out and it was cold.

    Two days later after lunch.. I plugged in the smoker and added some hickory sawdust. I put the thawed butt and turkey on to cook and went hunting. About 3 hours later I came back and wrapped the but and sat the meat in the cooler to stay warm till supper and went back to my blind. Just about dark I came back and pulled and carved the butt and turkey and we heated the beans and made cornbread and ate a nice big hot meal.
  2. yall are still hunting deer in texas? ended here on first of jan.
    Ill say yall eat good at deer camp there.
  3. bkennedy

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    Our deer season was over then too...But I had these pictures in my camera..I Had forgot about them..Had a slew of pictures back to These digital cameras hold a lot of At my age I remember new things every day...or old things??
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    Looks awesome Bill! [​IMG]
  5. gramason

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    Nice job, looks good.
  6. kookie

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    Nice looking grub.


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