Smoked Paddlefish

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  1. I had some paddlefish left over from my son's catch last year and needed to clean out the freezer to make room for this years.  So I thought I would smoke up a small batch.  I have never smoked it before and I did find where some people had smoked it with various levels of success.  I used Jeff's Smoked Salmon Candy recipe as a go by  

    Here is the before picture.

    Here is it after brining overnight.

    After rinsing and laying on the rack.

    About two rows of Todd's Alder loaded up in the AMNPS.

    And the after picture after about 6 hours on the MES.

    Overall impression.  The guys at work loved it.  They were all gone by 10 am.  My thoughts are it needed some more salt, more sweet, and more heat.  The smoke level was spot on and the texture was great.  My thoughts are the paddlefish didn't absorb as much of the brine and flavoring as salmon does.  So maybe a longer brining time or up the amount of salt slightly.  
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  2. roller

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    It looks was the taste ?
  3. redheelerdog

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    That sounds really good. I like your fish picture! Did you get many more big ones?

    My brother used to smoke allot of sturgeon which I believe is a similar fish.

    Looks and sounds delicious.


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