Smoked my first pork belly, and did some onions aswell!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by narcolepticpug, May 1, 2016.

  1. narcolepticpug

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    Today I decided to smoke some meat that takes a little longer to cook than what I've been doing. I did a pork belly and some massive stuffed onions. Turned out very good and everyone loved it. I'm really getting hooked on smoking.

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    [​IMG]  You may want to lubricate your "enter" key, it seems to be stuck.
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    Hey Narco, looks great.

    I'd sure like to know more about how you did the onions.

    I tried them once, had to throw them away, they were that bad.

    Please tell us more, thanks.

  4. narcolepticpug

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    SORRY GUY! I didnt mean to post this multiple times, and i dont know how to delete posts! im very sorry again.
  5. narcolepticpug

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    I basically followed this. ended up taking a bit longer to smoke because i used much bigger onions, and i should have hollowed them out just a little more. also i used pepperjack cheese , and that was a nice touch. they turned out amazing.  and obviously i love cheese a lot more than this guy.

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    Not a problem, I was only kidding, stuff happens. That's why SMF has moderators, right Adam? [​IMG]
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    Nice smoke.  Those onion look great.  And thanks for the video link--very interesting.  I'll be trying that one.

  8. For how long did you smoke that belly, and what was the internal temp? Whole Foods near me sells bellies that look just about that size, and I've been itching to smoke some for tacos and/or sliders. Looks like you've achieved exactly what I'm envisioning!

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