Smoked Lobster, Brown Rice Spaghetti & Pablano Sauce!!!!

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  1. Happy Saturday to All!

    I smoked an 11.2 pound lobster today, wrapped up some smoked meat to bring to a pal; and here's what is delivered with the rest...

    I used up some odds and ends which included Pablano peppers and oddly made my sauce VERY HOT once red pepper flakes and garlic and chives and black pepper were added too - and onion!

    Anyway, some wheat-free brown rice spaghetti and smoked Chardonnay sea salt and avocado oil made plating pretty wonderful as well!

    The smoked tomalley is creamy and warm and amazing!

    Even fin and leg meat existed at this size!

    The other meat was soft and succulent and it all was a treat!

    Smoked on low heat with hickory chips on my humble POS (your name not mine, as I only learned that phrase here and was then mortified that such was the exact smoker I have albeit the same one that has cranked out some pretty fabulous meals and so I am grateful) but yes, on my little Brinkmann humble gas smoker and for 45 minutes, such was the result...

    Delicious stuff!

    And thanks for sharing in my lunch - paired with lots of Pinot Grigio!!!

    Cheers and happy weekend to all! Make it the best weekend yet! - Leah
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  2. bear55

    bear55 Master of the Pit

    Looks awesome as usual Leah.  How much did you pay for that big boy?

  3. atomicsmoke

    atomicsmoke Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Mamma Mia Leah. We always complain here about briskets not fitting the smoker but I never thought one could run out of smoker space for lobster. Awesome.
  4. Thank you tons Atomicsmoke!

    Yes, amazing that cramming this guy on the smoker worked! On my tiny little and ancient machine! This goes to show that the equipment is secondary to good ingredients!

    The tomalley was creamy and the meat soft and succulent with plenty of smoky flavor! Thank you tons!!!

    And Bear55! Thank you too! I paid 89 dollars for this animal, which, here, for that size, (and hard shell), is considered a good deal.

    Happy weekend to all!!! And here is to hot tomalley!!!!! Delicious stuff!!!

    Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Leah
  5. OH - and it was pouring rain through some of this!

    And so, this is how we roll, in the Live Free Or Die state, when a rainy day comes along!

    OK, happy all!

    Sending great cheer your way!!!!!!!!!!!! - Leah
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  6. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member


    That's a lot of Tasty Meat There!!![​IMG]

    Biggest Crawdad I've ever seen!![​IMG]

    Nothing like Lobster!!![​IMG]

    Nice Job, Leah!![​IMG]

  7. Thanks so much Bear!!!

    This was a treat and so good smoked (better than grilled) as that urban myth about "the bigger it is, the tougher it is," is really WRONG! The meat was baby soft, the tomalley was creamy, and even when a little liquid poured out of shells, it was edible liquid and sweet!

    Really fun! Thanks for being part of my spaghetti luncheon!!!!! Cheers and happy weekend to you and all the bears!!!!! - Leah
  8. waterinholebrew

    waterinholebrew Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Wow, that meal looks awesome Leah ! I cannot get over the size of that lobster, that's a big un ! Nice smoke ! Thumbs Up
  9. Thank you so much Justin!

    This yielded a lot of meat! A bag is wrapped up to bring to a friend, and I ate much of it while shucking and gulping juices and eating up the tomalley!

    But it was lovely! Really fun!

    Thank you for chiming in!!!! And happy Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Leah
  10. Holy moley that looks fantastic. I love lobster but we don't get much around here. Heck that thing would have cost several hundred dollars around these here parts. 
  11. And BTW, I love how you plate everything family style. Its so festive and social. 
  12. Thanks very much TBRTT1!

    Yes, I think that about $8 a pound (give or take) when getting into these larger sea pigs, is fair and balanced! It was a rare treat and fun to do!

    And thank you on plating! I always say that my actual COOKING is very simpleton - only a few ingredients used, a bit of oil, sea salt, pepper, fresh herbs etc., and the same ensemble almost every time I eat - but then when 'arranging' comes, I get so excited and thus need a badge or a cape or a "Power Arranger" outfit indeed! Smiles. Very fun!

    Thanks for such nice words! Cheers and happy weekend!!! - Leah
  13. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    8 bucks a pound ,for real?
    Jesus ,Joseph & Mary that's cheap. If I could find our version of that guy here he would be $200+ Aussie,easy.
    Our dollar getting belted down to 70 cents US .
    Great looking spread, here we boil them,grill them or stir fry .
    Cold here & you are rocking a green bikini. Snow down to 800m in the mountains west of Sydney.
    I am down the coast ,had dinner with one of the local pole & trap fisherman. Fish prices very strong.
    If I can find him tomorrow I will show him your post.
    Have a great summer.
  14. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Correction $275 easy.
  15. Yes Mick, I too find that to be such a deal, and for so much meat in these! I brought a friend 2 meals worth, and froze some myself, and gorged like a bear yesterday too! Delicious stuff!

    And weather wise, we expect 90 degrees today and tomorrow! It's warm alright! But after the epic snow season i cannot complain about heat at all! Bring it on!

    Have fun with the fishermen!!!! And thanks for great comments too! This was tasty indeed! I send good Cheer!!!!!!
  16. Tasty looking bug. How is the brown rice pasta? My daughter's going more gluten free and is curious. Any cooking tips on pasta with an al dente finish. I agree also that finish plating is just as important. Looked like a memorable meal.
  17. Thanks so much Wimpy69!

    The brown rice pasta is superb and VERY al dente! I make sure to check it at 6 minutes as not to over cook and I NEVER rinse my pasta, just simply drain it and then start adding my plating accoutrements (usually oil, herbs, sea salt & pepper); but the blended pastas out there are not so great. (The combos are either laden with inflammatory foods like corn and white rice, OR they get soggy, or have quinoa which is bloating, despite how trendy it is).

    Quinoa and kale, and "green juice" or liquid breakfasts, seem to have quite the jet setter following but don't wow me on any level, and the quinoa adds "padding" or a layer of fat around the middle, and I far prefer AMARANTH as a gluten free grain, and the brown rice pasta, and then black rice and red rice, if eating plain rice.

    Anyway, I hope that helps!

    Many thanks! Cheers!!!! - Leah
  18. Thanks for the cook time. She's buying some LiveGFree pasta today ,along with some basil from garden, and is going to try a pesto later today. Not up on the trendy Veggie Boy, (Woody/Cheers), stuff either. Fried Kale, yes-Kale on the rocks, i'll pass. Have a great day.
  19. crazymoon

    crazymoon Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    LE, Awesome looking meal !!!!!  [​IMG]
  20. Wow !!!   I knew that was you when I read "Smoked Lobster"  I know that had to be great, Your pics just keep getting better and better. Lobster is my wife's favorite food group.



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