Smoked Chicken Wings

Discussion in 'Grilling Chicken' started by vmart, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. vmart

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    Last week smoke. First time smoking chicken wings and first time using my new smokey mountain. Smoked at 275 for about 2.5 hours. Seasoned with Meat Church Honey Hog Hot. Sauced them with Stubbs Original. 

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  2. tbern

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    Those look awesome!
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  3. b-one

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    Tasty looking wings!
  4. vmart

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  5. vmart

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  6. dirtsailor2003

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    Tasty looking wings!
  7. mike5051

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    You nailed them wings![​IMG]

  8. old fart

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    Those wings look awesome
  9. smokinal

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    Wings lok awesome! Great color!!

  10. Looks amazing!
  11. appalachian q

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    Dang those look great! How was the skin?
  12. vmart

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    the skin was crispy! My only regret was using BBQ sauce. I should have gone with some sort of buffalo sauce.
  13. bauchjw

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    Great job! Super looking wings!

    Next time try this Wing recipe. I really recommend trying this even if it's a little more labor. I picked it up from a Webber grill book ten years ago and every time friends/family come over for a get together they request it. It's almost a bi weekly meal now.
    The recipe is for about a dozen full wings, multiply as needed!
    1/2 cup EVOO
    4 Tblspn fresh lemon (I often increase this a bit)
    2 Tblspn minced fresh garlic
    3 Tsp kosher salt
    4 Tsp dried oregano
    4 Tsp paprika
    2 Tsp celery seed
    2 Tsp cayenne pepper
    Mix all ingredients in mixing bowel, pour into ziplock with wings and seal. Put in fridge 2-4 hrs, rotating every 30 min for even coat.

    I used to marinade then do indirect high heat, but a few months back I got a MES and started doing low and slow 225 followed by crisping over direct medium charcoal grill. The smoker to grill gives texture and taste beyond belief! But with your smokey mountain you won't have the same issue!

    Good luck! And once again great job!
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  14. nickm62388

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    You said they were crispy?? How did you get them crispy, i have tried twice smoking wings on my WSM, and they always turn out rubbery and not crispy. I have been told to crisp them up on the grill the last 10-15 minutes or so to crisp them up...But is there anyway to smoke them the whole time and have them crispy? Maybe have a higher temp for a shorter amount of time? I smoked them at about 225 for 3 hours.
  15. bauchjw

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    Sorry! I crisp them on the grill too. I've had the same issue with my MES unless I do the grill last ten minutes. I'll try the 275 temp for shorter period next time!
  16. 3montes

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    I put chicken wings in the fridge uncovered for about 4 hours before putting them on the smoker this helps dry the skin out which helps to crisp them up. I usually apply rub before they hit the fridge.

    I also run my smoker temp up around 275 to 300 for most poultry. Spritzing wings with a sugar based juice like apple or cherry also helps form a crispy bark by caramelizing the sugars from the spritz on the wings. You don't have to do all 3 of these things to get crispy wings but they all help. I don't always air dry them in the fridge for instance due to not always having the time.
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  17. Newbie here. I have seen a ton of variations on smoked wings. Marinades vs rubs.....high temp vs low temp.....grill afterwards vs fry. I do realize most of this is personal preference but my main question is with my MES30 at 250 degrees how long should they smoke for? I personally plan on a dry rub then grill afterwards for crispness. As always thanks in advance. BTW this is the most informative site around.
  18. 3montes

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    Good thread...
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  19. Sorry folks failed to report on the chicken the other day so here goes. I did a dry rub similar to a traditional pprk rub for 24 hours prior. Smoked at 250 degrees on my MES30 for 2.5 hours. Fired up the gas grill to crisp them up but did not use it. Wings and legs came out nice and crisp with tons of smokey flavor. I tossed my wings in a sweet chili sauce and devoured them. I could not have been more pleased with the results thanks to all of the great advice on this site. Smoking a picnic shoulder Saturday so wish me luck.
  20. iljeff

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    So how long do you cook them for at 275-300? 1.5 - 2 hours?

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