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  1. Happy Sunday Great Cookies and here's to good food!

    So I had these adorable calamari cuties!!! Their eyes were smiling!

    And I sliced eggplant, tossed it in grapeseed oil and herbs de Provence and smoked it on my gas smoker, with pistachio shells used as chips - high heat - for 45 minutes.

    As I cleaned the calamari, ink went EVERYWHERE, which made me happy! How delicious, fresh and exciting!

    After cleaning and discarding the cartilage and viscera, I mopped the rest (below) in grapeseed oil and smoked it up!

    This went on lower heat, for 25 minutes...

    I meanwhile did chop up raw veggies...

    The smoked eggplant came off and smelled INCREDIBLY and had a sweet taste actually - lovely!

    I tossed the veggies in Dijon, Tunisian olive oil and black pepper and herbs de Provence,

    And I SWEAR it tasted like potato salad somehow! TRULY!!

    When the calamari came off, it was so sweet, soft, (no rubber sense at all, like the nitrate induced, sodium laden and blanched junk that is sold in stores en masse), and worth the clean!

    I wiped those around that Dijon dressing bowl, just to coat them some...

    Inky bowls are happy bowls in my household, as they remind me that something from the sea has been around!

    I ground blue Persian sea salt over it all...

    And drizzled more Tunisian olive oil over it all as well...

    And this was paired with a crisp and cold white Burgundy wine!

    And the combo was incredible!

    Everything was so succulent and juicy and soft!

    The flavor of the squid just came alive, versus the "plastic variety" that I do often buy in stores when craving a quick meal...

    The Dijon-Creamy salad just tasted like potato salad and the entire "picnic" therefore, was truly delightful!

    Here's wishing everyone a fabulous Calamari Safari and Happy Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing in my day!

    Cheers!!!!!! - Leah
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  2. moikel

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    Great stuff.They are wonderful when they are that size for so many applications.

    Those big white football inner size hoods are a bust. I don't know whats been done to them ,I assume there is some on boat processing method.

    The snap frozen ,hand jigged un gutted ones we get from Indonesia look exactly like yours in the photo.

    Great product.

    Great summer meal.
  3. Thanks Mick! I agree with you and far prefer these to the overprocessed white and tough pieces found thawed in stores here.

    The meat on these was sweet and soft and it's just fun to see ink spurt all across the kitchen! Smiles.

    Happy new week to you! Today I'm making a wild salmon tartare! Cheers!!!!!! - Leah
  4. welshrarebit

    welshrarebit Master of the Pit

    White burgundy wine? That's almost an oxymoron! Pouilly-Fuisse perhaps?
  5. disco

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    Another terrific smoke, Leah.  I really like the idea of smoking eggplant and will have to give it a try.

  6. Well thank you Welshrarebit!

    Yes, indeed, "WHITE" & "BURGUNDY" don't match on the color wheel - true be that. But White Burgundy, (Chardonnay from France) is so delicious! I adore it! Smiles. It is a food group really, yes?

    Certainly Pouilly-Fuisse is an option. Though many a Chablis and then some Montrachet loveliness does exist as well. Ahh, the many delectable options!!!!!!!

    REGARDLESS, how fun that you did find my colorful laden thread! Thank you so much for checking it out!!! And happy new week!!!

    And Disco,  thanks to you too! The smoked eggplant was interesting! It LOOKS much nicer when grilled or roasted, but the smoked version was a treat to experience as well.

    Happy everything to all!

    Cheers!!!!!!!!! - Leah

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