Smoked Brisket with Au Jus -- MES with AMNPS

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  1. I have only done one brisket in my life up to now. Couple of reasons I reckon. First reason was the brisket I did previously was $1.30 a pound, I am cheap and never saw it anywhere near that price here since. Most briskets I had seen since were well over $3.00 and as high as $5. The other reason in my offset smoker it required attention for 22 hours… but as I look back at the outcome, it was well worth it!

    I have had a AMNS 6x8 dust burner for a couple of years, but it wasn't convenient having to order dust, especially when you do a last minute smoke. I can make my own dust, but only selection I have is some awesome oak. Oak is ok, but sometimes you want to change it up a bit. That is what brought me to this post. I knew Todd came out with some pellet smokers; I liked the idea of being able to have a good selection of different flavors of wood that I could get locally in a pinch. I also see where I can get 20lb bags shipped for free for a good price. Usually it is shipping that is the deal breaker for me. Maybe that is more of the “cheap” in me.

    Last Saturday day when I was at Sam’s club I found they had a full packer in cryo. After checking it out, I figured the cost was doable, and considering the increase of the cost of living the price was well worth it. It is angus beef, USDA CHOICE for $2.29/lb. It was the only one they had out, so only one I bought. I was looking for a project to try out the new AMNPS in the MES.
    I figured since it has been a long time since smoking a brisket, and always looking for idea’s from other’s experiences I did some searching here at SMF.

    For this smoke I took inspiration from two members posts here at SMF Solaryellow Brisket post and Chef Jimmy J’s Au Jus Article. Ok, I lied, make it third, thanks Pops6927 Round Toothpicks posting!!!:kewl:

    Here is some Q-Vue of Sunday’s smoking project:

    Here is the Brisket all rubbed down>>>
    The Au Jus veggie tray>>>
    Brisket and Au Jus tray in smoker with AMNPS after an hour>>>
    Now is the time to add the 6 cups beef broth>>>
    One of the main objectives for me was to get the AMNPS working good in the MES. It took a lot of messing with and running back to search on SMF to finally dial it in. Ultimately it turned out that there wasn't enough air for the pellets to burn. At first I was thinking it was a moisture problem, but after putting the pellets in the nukerator for a couple of minutes and torching them again, the smoke would die out after 10 minutes. I finally found a suggestion of removing the chip tray from the MES to allow more air in. I am not thrilled with having to do that, but until I figure out an air vent MOD it will be doable.

    The brisket was put in the smoker at 0515, probe inserted after 6 hours, temps were about 140 degrees IT. When the temps were 170 IT, I started using the "ROUND" toothpick to check for doneness. At 1800 hrs the IT was 182 and the toothpick going in and out was like butter.

    Here is a picture right before pulling it to foil and rest in the cooler with several towels wrapping>>>
    The liquid pooled you see on the top was either from the meat probe coming out, or the "ROUND" toothpick coming out (it sure was juicey).

    I rested the brisket in the cooler for two hours and brought it to the cutting board. I removed the point and sliced.>>>

    I used Chef Jimmy J's idea for the Au Jus, but didn't use the wine. After defatting it, I put all but the bay leaf into the vitamix and emulsified it... Wow!!! I highly recommend doing the Au Jus for dipping or use as a gravy.
    The rub was what solaryellow put in his thread with the addition of Italian seasoning, then sprinkled some of "Jeff's Naked Rib Rub" sparingly on it.This brisket was fantastic with it's smokerlicious flavor. Vacuum Bagged and froze the point for a later burnt ends meal.

    I would like to thank all SMF family for contributing to this forum, plenty of ideas out there.

    Hope you enjoyed the Q-Vue
    Peace in the TBS
    aka Rocky
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  2. seenred

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    That looks delicious, Matt!  We love JJ's au jus recipe too. 

    Thanks for posting the Qview!

  3. Your welcome on the Q-View Red.
    The flavor of the Au Jus adds to the flavor of brisket, which by itself is awesome and even better the next day!
    I will have to do more briskets in the near future.
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  4. chef jimmyj

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    That is a great price for Angus. Your brisket looks great. I have still been getting mixed results, some good some Dry and only fit for Chili. I am glad you liked the Au Jus...JJ
  5. I read somewhere JJ that with brisket it is best to go with choice or better and after doing this one, I believe it. When I saw the words angus and choice with that price it was a no brainer on my part.
    I checked the other day while at sam's and they didn't have any briskets in the meat case. It was an in and out trip so I didn't ask if they had any. The next time I will.
    Your Au Jus makes it even better. I don't like soggy sandwiches so I dip as I eat and it was perfect. I have gotten that way with a lot of my Q even with the sauce, if ya want sauce, add it later by dipping. :D
    I might make an exception to the dipping rule when it comes to the burnt ends.:drool
    Thanks for sharing your recipe.
    aka Rocky
  6. kathrynn

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    Rocky....brisket looks really great!  I bought 2 at Sam's on Sunday....same price...same kind.  Hope mine looks as nice as yours!

    Q-view was well done!

  7. Thank you for the kind words Kat. Glad to hear it wasn't just my local Sam's, that lets me know if I need one real soon, I can go to another one close by to where I work. I am sure they both will be fine, since they both are USDA Choice. Please share what you do with yours.
    aka Rocky

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