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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by texas-smoker, Mar 10, 2009.

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    How important is the size of the stack on you smoker? I have one made out of 24" pipe with a 8" stack that works great but I just bought a trailer unit that is 30" pipe but only has a 4" stack. Should I take the time to install a bigger stack or will this one be ok? Thanks.
  2. bbally

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    The size of the stack is extremely important. Assuming you are in Texas you will need a six inch stack for the sea level.

    If it has an under sized stack it probably has an under sized draft. Measure the openings to the firebox. That is the air inlets to the firebox.

    Need the correct balance of draft and damper for even temps across the entire cooker.

    Need the correct balance of draft and damper for the proper firebox temp to keep the cooker at the correct temps for long durations.
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    I have a work book that gives dimensions needed. Not sure where I got it (maybe here) PM me with an email and I iwll forward to you. It runs on excel or open office.
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    When in doubt, go with the biggest(diameter) you can.
    You will get better draft and you can always close down a dampener a bit if the flow is too much, but you can never increase the flow (without a power draft) if the pipe is too small.

    A taller pipe is good too for draft purposes to a point, but if the stack it too high, the steel can be cool and cause liquid smoke to run back down inside the smoker. ( a possible problem if you are short on rack space)

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