Smoke signals over Pocono, PA

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  1. dingle

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    It's almost here! Four friends and I have rented a 35ft motorhome and we're headed to the Poconos for this weekends NASCAR race. After a lot of prep/planning everything is falling into place. Approx $400 apiece got us the motorhome, fuel, tickets to the infield and the race. Not too bad. Unfortunately, I think the food and drink bill will far exceed that! If any of you are there we will be along the fence in the tunnel turn. The thin blue will be rolling out of the GOSM. We have 2 7-9lb butts, three racks of ribs. I have this idea about a breakfast fatty.....leftover diced salt potatos, mushrooms and cheddar cheese. After smoking and slicing I thought it would be good to cover slice with an over easy/sunny side up egg. What do you think?? Anyways....cant wait!
  2. shellbellc

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    Have a great time! They're calling for weather in the 90's so it'll be a hot one!
  3. dingle

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    Plenty of icy cold beverages!!
  4. I have been living in NE Pa for all my life, and your proclaiming the pocono race experiences that only many of use will still enjoy on TV.

    Great to see that you made it and where in the center of it all, a experience that will not be forgotten.
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    What time should I meet you guys?
  6. I think you better jump in the DeLorean and go back 3 years SQWIB.
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    DAMMIT, I really need to start looking at the OP date.

    These thread ressurections are killing me!!!

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    :ROTF: :rotflmao:

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