smoke of the day - prepped for the beach 6.27.14

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    Howdy y'all - dont post nearly as much as i lurk, but since the wife is already gone to the beach for the week (I'm close behind), I decided to document and post my smoke while sitting here enjoying a (few) Sweetwater 420's, a La Antiguedad Toro from My Father Cigars and watching the EIB Dittocam - 

    Im using an Old Country BBQ Pits Wrangler stick burner - 

    The rig- 

    the stick size i find the best luck keeping temps around 250* with -

    Where I place fire to keep temps the best (there is alot of kindling in this pic, just to get it going and get a coal bed) - 

    There was a sale on butts and ribs so i picked up a 8 pounder, after trim is probably around 7 1/4 lb maybe more - didnt take a pic prepped out of the fridge, so here it is just on the rig - 

    Some beautiful TBS so thin and blue you can barely see it in pics - 

    About 3 hrs in - 

    I'll probably be throwing the ribs in here in a few, Im just pre-smoking and pulling and warming up at the beach tomorrow, so theres no rush. 

    Updates to come - tips/tricks appreciated!
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    5 1/2 hrs in - hit the stall/plateau - 162* and holding - may foil, may not since i really have nothing to do and this is not for consumption today - good time to experiment i guess


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