Smoke house questions HELP! Stainless steel build.

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  1. Hello All,

    I've been browsing these forums/threads for a few years ever since I got into smoking meats.  That being said, the last two years I've been using a propane smoker that I bought from Lowe's.  Its served its purpose but now I'm looking to upgrade.

    My father has his own custom kitchen equipment business so we decided that we'd like to build our own smoker out of stainless steel.  The problem we're having is following some sort of basic design plans since he normally doesn't make any sort of machinery (smokers, fridges, rotisseries) as he makes tables, hoods etc.  I've searched around but haven't found anything pertaining to stainless (mostly wood). 

    1.) Is there a basic plan that we can follow?  I'd prefer to add the heat with natural gas since we're going to run a line.

    2.) He wants the smokehouse more for cold smoking but I'm more into regular smoking.  I'm assuming that a smokehouse could be used for either.  If I'm wrong, please correct me!

    Any advice, comments, or basic plans would be very helpful since I'd love for us to do this right so that we can have years of proper smoking ahead of us.

    Thanks in advance!
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