Smoke Hollow Charcoal/Gas Model 1800CGS

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by bigterp, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. bigterp

    bigterp Newbie

    Hi all. New to the site and new to smoking. Just put together the Smoke Hollow Charcoal/Gas grill model 1800CGS over the weekend.

    I'm completely new to smoking and am looking for any tips, suggestions, help, etc. you guys can share in regards to smoking and particular to smoking with my new grill.

    I'm familar with gas and charcoal grilling, but am not really sure how to smoke with this grill. I'm assumming the side fire box is just that, a fire box. This is where I lite my charcoal and place my desired wood for smoking. No actual cooking is done directly above the wood, correct? The cooking is done over the charcoal section of my grill?? Weird thing about my fire box is there is a removable grate at the bottom (I'm guessing that's where the charcoal goes), and then 2 grates at the top level with the opening. Looks like the ones at top are an actual cooking surface. Hence my confusion.

    From doing a bit of reading and browsing this forum, I'm getting a decent grasp on what temperatures to cook at and how to control those temperatures. My question is what should I be using for wood? Do I want to be using the pre-packaged chips, chunks or actual pieces of wood?

    I'm sure I'll have a lot more questions, but thanks in advance for your help!! For now I'll keep browsing the forum to try and learn as much as I can.
  2. ted campbell

    ted campbell Newbie

    I have that exact grill/smoker.  It works very well.  The fire box is exactly as you described.  You will start charcoal and put it on the grate.  Stbbs works very well.  The charcoal will fall through that grate so I cut a metal grate with smaller holes to fit over it.  Makes it easier to clean and keeps the charcoal off of the botom so it can get air.

    It works very well for smoking but is impacted greatly by temps and rain since it isn't insulated.  Also, I lined the drip pans with foil which makes the much easier to clean as well.  You might wan to caulk/seal the drip pan to make sure grease doesn't leak out of it.
  3. gbo323

    gbo323 Newbie

    I just got this model as a birthday present. Look forward to learning how to use it.

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