Smoke-grilled cornish hens w/ stuffing

Discussion in 'Grilling Chicken' started by coyote-1, Sep 15, 2009.

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    Did a pair of hens tonight. The stuffing started with onions and fennel, sauteed translucent in butter. Added chunks of bakery fresh seeded rye bread, along with apples and oregano and a splash of beer. Once it cooled slightly I added an egg, and mixed thoroughly.

    Stuffed the birds, sprinkled with herbs d'Provence, and put 'em on the gas grill - with apple and mesquite chips in the corner of the grill. Cooked for 60 minutes at @ 300, with 10 minutes finishing at 350 with fresh sage atop. Had smoke throughout the cook. The flavoring from it was subtle... the birds were awesome! And we have leftover for tomorrow night :)

    We did an aged shell steak over the weekend the same way. Wanted to do charcoal, but it was raining pretty hard that night so the backup plan of smoke chips on the gas grill was put into effect. It works wonderfully when coals are impractical.
  2. fire it up

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    Sounds really great coyote, and I won't say that no pics it never happened but I will say that I would have LOVED to see some pics because it sounds amazingly delicious!
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    I'm with fire on this one It's not that it didn't happen on this one I really wanted to see it. Cause it sounds sooooo good.
  4. dropastone

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    Sounds Like money to me. Sure would have liked to see those pics.

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