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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by seamus, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. I'm sure that's a totally original joke, huh?[​IMG]

    I've smoked a couple of times now using my Lowe's special Brinkmann ECB (learned the acronym browsing these forums). I did a pork butt that turned out pretty good, and a brisket that cooked way too fast, so it was like a well-done steak. I'm going to try a bologna this weekend, and try ice water in the pan to regulate the temp. I'm also reading all the threads on thermostat mods and temp monitoring for the ECB cook. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. I know the Brinkmann is capable of great things if used properly.

    Looking forward to improving my skills and increasing my knowledge.

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    Welcome Jim!
    Another So Cal smoker! Awesome!! Search the threads for the mods for the ecb, there are plenty of them to make...I just got one myself and still need to make them, I know that with mine the lack of air flow it awful...
    Happy smokes!
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    Welcome to SMF from Northern Cali.
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    Hia Jim! Skip the icewater. Water pans work by evaporation not by convection or transmission. Use less charcoal.'ll need a little more babysitting, but that's the price us smokers pay. You got a digital thermo for the smoker AND meat internal temps? You;ll need those. Keep that puppy at 225-ish and you;ll be rocking. Well, except for poultry but we'll get to that.

  5. Thanks for the welcome and the info. I've got the electric ECB, so less charcoal is not an option. I'm reading a lot about mods and different approaches to keep the temp down (SoCal summers tend to run hot).[​IMG] I'm also looking into temp monitors and probes. Do you have a favorite brand/model?

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    Welcome, I Hope you find a home here as I have done.

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