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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by zootalaws, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. zootalaws

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    Got one of these from my daughter in NZ - what a fantastic little device.

    It's a venturi smoke generator, all stainless steel, comes with the air pump, piping, etc.

    It needs a small hole (about 1/2") and a couple of screw holes to mount it on the side of anything (smokehouse, BBQ, etc.) plug it into the power, fill with chips, light, watch the smoke pour out.

    This is my first time ever smoking anything and it worked flawlessly - giving 4-6 hours of cool smoke on a fill. I smoked bacon, ham, salmon using cherry wood chips and it was a fantastic christmas success. The unit certainly puts out enough smoke to do the job.

    Mine cost US$135 and it looks indestructible.

  2. dockman

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  3. engineer

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    Looks pretty simple to copy.  Can you tell me how much ash is left when it's used up all the pellets?  Also, are there any stats on the air, liters per minute?  I'm going to be making one and this info would be great to have.  Thanks a lot. 
  4. bearcarver

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    It's kinda doubtful that you'll get an answer. This thread is from 2013, and the poster, from "Borneo" hasn't been on the forum since 14 months ago.

  5. engineer

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    Lol.  I tried.  
  6. bearcarver

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    You never know---He might still pop in when he gets out of the jungle.[​IMG]

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  7. smokin monkey

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    Hi Engineer, I have one of these units, in fact I have just given a good clean out. Will have a look and let you know.

    Smokin Monkey �
  8. engineer

    engineer Newbie

    Thanks, I appreciate it!
  9. engineer

    engineer Newbie

    The unit appears pretty there anything fancy inside?  Anything difficult to re-create in the venturi setup?  
  10. zootalaws

    zootalaws Newbie

    There's nothing fancy, just a perforated tube, with a twist-lock that is how the body mounts to the smoker.

    I will get the calipers out and draw it up.

    As to how much ash is left, I use cherry and apple chips and there isn't a whole lot left once it has finished - less than an inch. I don't soak them and a load lasts a good couple of hours on low (I only use high to get it started),

    The manufacturer sells pellets, but they aren't available here. My mate has one in NZ and he uses them, they give good, consistent smoke. They are the size of small animal feed pellets.

    The pump is just a regular dual-outlet fish tank pump with a switch and both outlets joined in a Y. It doesn't have any markings, but it feels like quite a low CFM. I would just buy whatever the aquarium shop has in switchable dual-pump.

    It's been a great and consistent unit, giving tons of cool smoke over a number of hours per fill.

    I don't smoke a lot, but friends are impressed with the quality of the results, especially the cheeses and salmon.

    I wasn't ignoring the previous posts -this was the first time I got a notification that there had been a reply to my post.

    The jungle presents its own challenges with smoking, but I haven't killed anyone yet.
  11. engineer

    engineer Newbie

    Thanks Zootalaws!  I plan to add a sort of grate above the 'floor', to let ash fall through.  I am hoping this will create a cleaner smoke...some of the SmokeDaddy owners talk about creosote accumulating in the pipes or even on the food.  If the ashes aren't right next to the smoke outlet, maybe, creosote won't be a problem at all.  
  12. zootalaws

    zootalaws Newbie

    I'm not sure that will work
  13. smokin monkey

    smokin monkey Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Just cleaned mine out today. There was a build up black in the unit and smoke feed tube.

    Smokin Monkey
  14. zootalaws

    zootalaws Newbie

    As mounted

    I didn't complete the last burn - I turned off the pump.

    Wall thickness is about 1mm stainless

    You can see how much material is ejected into the smokehouse from a couple of loads of chips. Not really worth worrying about. The hole in the top of the venturi pipe is matched on the other side - for sticking a nail in and unlocking the pipe from the chamber, which allows you to unlock the chamber from the base. A neat bit of engineering.

    The chamber is around 300mm high by around 76.5mm wide.

    The holes, the air and venturi pipe are centred at 70mm from the base

    The pump inlet goes into the end of the venturi that sticks out through the wall of the chamber (you can see it protruding above the air pipe fitting) . It has a slot about 40mm long and 10mm wide on the underside - to prevent debris blocking the venturi. The vent holes are 10mm and are on both sides.

    The venturi pipe - I guess it's 19mm

    Plenty of nastiness on the cap - a turned piece of hardwood. It works great.

    Surprise! the pump did have a sticker after all!
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  15. zootalaws

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  16. engineer

    engineer Newbie

    Zootalaws...thanks so much!  That gives me a lot to go on.  When I find a suitable piece of pipe (I'm thinking square pipe, to make it easier to attach to stuff) I will certainly reply here with my design and results.  

    Your smokehouse looks great by the way.  
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  17. zootalaws

    zootalaws Newbie

    My mate made one out of a baby milk can. As long as you can get it to draw, you are laughing. Then it's all about getting it to burn all the way to the bottom.

    If you were using the Smokai pellets, I think it would be perfect, but for using wood chips, it's a little skinny - sometimes the chips jam up and they don't fall down and burn. Other than that, you can experiment with a bit of plastic down pipe, it doesn't need to be metal to do your initial sizing/draw/venturi testing, as long as you just use a smoke source that isn't hot.
  18. clifford

    clifford Newbie

    I bought one of these as well. I live up north in just about into the Yukon This unit works well when all the weather conditions are good . It does not work well when humidity is high and on cold days . For example it is -14 here right now and I am having a hard time to get any smoke out of it right now .On a sunny warm day the unit almost makes to much smoke . I do a lot of cold smoking as I put up 300- 400 lbs of Bacon at a time .. The pellets seem to work the best in it . Am really thinking of going to some other means as it is just to time consuming constantly playing with this thing to try and get smoke out of it .
  19. clifford

    clifford Newbie

    I found the best way to clean this Smokai out is put it in your BBQ Cover it snuggly in tin foil then turn the BBQ absolutely high .In about ten minutes the BBQ is going to start to smoke like crazy . When your BBQ stops smoking , take it and let it cool . You are going to be amazed how clean it is , not a whisper of anything left .I leave mine in for about a half hour and the job is done and no muss no fuss .
  20. showin4fun

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    Can I bother you with a couple of questions about your Smokai?

    Is there a small tube that goes on the end of the air pump fitting and inside the venturi tube? Can you let me know the size of the tube and how far it protrudes into the burn chamber?

    Is the 40mm X 10mm slot in the venturi tube centred in the burn chamber?

    Is there some type of screen above the venturi tube that the pellets rest on? Is it a mesh or screen?

    Sorry for all the questions but I just wanted to get a better idea of how the Smokai is put together.



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