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Discussion in 'Pork' started by nola saints smoker, May 11, 2010.

  1. Had to take a day off of work as my 3 year old a/c needed repair. Luckily it was under warranty. So I figured might as well smoke a butt. It's on the small side, about 4.5 lbs. Injected with a mix of apple juice, rub, worcestershire sauce & then rubbed w/mustard and jeff's altered rub.

    Put it on the KEG at 7:30 with a temp of 250-265. Internal temp is 118*. Will be doing this butt w/o foil and will pull at 205*. Using a mix of hickory and apply wood.

    Will post more later.
  2. mballi3011

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    Looks good so far.
  3. 2 hr 45 min. internal temp is 161*. Looks and smells good.
  4. glgoodwin

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    Looking good. Neat rig by the way!
  5. Thanks GLGOODWIN, it cooks awesome. Maintains temps very well. Only problem is that it cannot handle tons of food at a time. It's more than enough for the wife and I and friends.

    Here's the finished product. Did not foil. Pulled at 205 and tented for an hour. I never did a butt w/o foiling so i was unsure if it would be dry. I was surprised, although not as juicy as foiling. The bark was amazing. I actually like it both ways.

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