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Discussion in 'Beef' started by mofo, Aug 6, 2011.

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    I put on an 8.5 lb flat this morning around 8:00 am 10 1/2 hrs later it's only at 163*! My temps have been real steady at 230 - 240 all day. My gosh, I've never had one go quite this slow before. I've verified both my smoker temp and internal temp of the brisket. I had another 6  pounder on as well which I sliced up at around 4:30 today. Different pieces of meat, though the same kind, can sure cook differently... I'm starting to get a little concerned about drying out now. I will foil at 170*.
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    Best thing you can do is go ahead and foil with a bit of moisture.  Let it continue on the smoker or transfer to the oven,  I might kick the heat up a notch to kind of give it a nudge if you want to finish up.  10 hours the meat is well smoked so you just need to get it to your final temp.

    Bet it's going to be some good eating.
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    That's a great idea. I don't recall the small one stalling out much at all... if at all.Because it was up to temp in like 6 hrs. It sliced nicely and had just a little elasticity to the slices when pulled. I've got it wrapped in foil now and have cranked up the big block to around 300.

    Hope it goes well... I paid 3.99/lb for these flats,,, I know... but they were trimmed nicely.[​IMG]

    I'd always done packers in the past but just wanted to try flats only once...
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    Sounds about right with time and temp. I like to foil them early at 150 with broth to keep them moist. meats a funny thing, I find smaller butts taking longer than big ones. [​IMG]
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    Yea flats cook a bit different.  I still like packers
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    Well, just finished slicing it up and it is nothing short of amazing... Also, while slicing I noticed that it is a point instead of a flat. Guess that's why it is so much more tender.And had such more intense flavor. All I put on them was cracked pepper and kosher salt and used hickory and cherry and this just melts in your mouth and tastes so damn good... Oh my.... Thanks all for the words of advice when I was freaking out on time...
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        I preferr Packers also[​IMG],but I don't wrap,and the lid stays shut, follow my thread...[​IMG]

    Stan    aka    oldschoolbbq   ;}-
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