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  1. inkjunkie

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    Fascinated by some of the build on here. With it just being the two of us we simply don't need a gigantic RF smoker. Looked at the Lang site and thought about just pulling the trigger on a 36" one....but where would the fun be in that? How small can one of these things be built and still work correctly?
  2. mjeffcoat

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    I have seen RF rigs as small as 2 feet wide although I am not sure mathematically what the benefit to RF that small is.
  3. kapdon

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    I wouldn't be concerned so much about size as I would be about venting. As long as it has proper air flow you will get good results.
  4. inkjunkie

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    Have been looking for either a propane tank or compressor tank for months now. Have had zero luck. Trying to get in touch with someone on C/L, they have a tank from a truck...81" long by 18" in diameter. Don't need nowhere near that length...would the diameter be useable??
  5. lendecatural

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    Long and skinny is not your friend, you are better off finding a short fat one, unlike taste in women.....[​IMG]

    18" would be an OK diameter, with that tank, you would want to section it off by 1/3 and use the drop piece for the firebox. There are a couple on here like that, they just get a piece of plate, offset the firebox with a football shaped opening into the area under the RF plate. It saves building a firebox from scratch but your lower grate would end up a little higher but you would still have plenty of room to cook ribs or a few butts.
  6. inkjunkie

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    It is sold....going to swing by a metal yard that rolls sheets...any suggestions as to a size?? It is just the 2 of us....will never be used for anything but us...
  7. lendecatural

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    30 gallon air compressor tank would be a good size. Check the grocery store and look at a full slab of ribs, you don't want anything much shorter than 30 inches with about  24" diameter. That would do two full slabs side by side. The Lang 36 is a good size smoker for personal use and would also be OK if you had another couple come over for dinner. You are going to want to share once you get used to cooking or freeze some meat for later. When you spend 10 hours or more hours for a smoke, it's a good thing to have some extra to put away for later after you invested that much time. Just something to think about. If you are going to smoke some salmon, they take up a good bit of room also.
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  8. inkjunkie

    inkjunkie Master of the Pit

    Just got a 60 gallon compressor tank

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