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    Hey Gang,

    I currently own a Smoke Hollow 38208G verticle smoker.  Once we got the valve issue resolved the unit has performed flawlessly.  My only complaint is the size of the cooking grids - they measure 18.25" x 12.25".  For some items (like pork loins or some longer racks of ribs) I have to cut things down to make them fit.  Not a huge problem, but annoying nonetheless....

    I was toying with the idea of getting a bigger smoker with larger racks.  I'm looking at two different ones right now:  the 3605BGD and another Smoke Hollow 44248G.  I can't find any specific information on the size of the racks on the 3605BGD - can somebody help me out?

    The racks on the Smoke Hollow 44248G measure 24" x 14".  This unit is not available currently, but I was told that it will be available again in the next couple of months for around $300.  I like the design of the unit - it has separate doors for the chip/water containers and cooking racks (like the one from Lowes), but it is sturdier with an additional cross-member between them (see attached diagram).

    Thanks for your help!


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    Nevermind folks - I called Landmann and got the information.

    For future reference the overall smoking box on the 3605BGD is 16x24x36, and the cooking grids are 14.25 x 22.5.

    The upcoming Smoke Hollow unit appears to be slightly bigger (two inches wider) and 8" taller in the smoking box (with a separate door for the wood/water containers).

    I have to admit that I'm smitten with the design on the Smoke Hollow unit - I think I'll wait for that unit to be available.

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