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  1. hey all, need some imput from the steak experts, now please be seated before you read this next bit, ok, we dont normally eat steak(apologies for that), although we do love it, its a now and again treat for us.

    so today is wedding anniversary, this calls for steak and chips(real chunky chips not the little skinny imposters) so, i gets us a couple of 35 day matured aberdeen angus sirloins cos they looked good.

    so, i'm doing them on the smokeyjoe, now, i'm thinking just s+p over hot coals will sort em, but, do i brush with some butter or leave em as is???

    appreciate any thoughts.

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    Many ways to do this, they all come down to taste preference.  We prefer BBQ over high heat vs low & slow smoke, although one variation is to go low and slow then reverse sear on high at the end for a couple of minutes per side. When we BBQ, it's S&P (sometimes a bit of granulated garlic) and a light basting with Italian dressing.  Good Luck over there!

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    You're on the right track. Salt, pepper, garlic powder are my  go to spices for just about anything. KISS Keep It Simple Smoker is sometimes the best. Your smokey joe with glowing red coals will give you a great sear. MMM my mouths watering just thinking about it!
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    Its a real good steak (and it sounds like it is) then the less you do would probably be better, but hey im a keep it simple guy when it comes to beef ( because i love the flavor of beef). the most seasoning i would do would be Montreal seasoning but i would prob be in the S+P or soak/marinade in Worcestershire sauce(salt component) and a little pepper and then a hot sear on each end then a few minutes indirect heat to a nice med rare to medium. Serve with you fav veggie and potatoes!

    Just my 2 cents

    phatbac (Aaron)
  5. thanks guys, went with s+p and did around 3 mins a side, got to say, we were really impressed with it, got to up there with the best steak we have ever had.

  6. phatbac

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    Thats great, I'm glad you had a great steak, nothing beats it....well almost nothing!

    Have any Qview to go with it?

    phatbac (Aaron)
  7. errr, whats Qview, if you mean pics, then apologies, i will get some next time.

  8. Yes Qview is pictures [​IMG][​IMG]

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