Shoulder rubbery after reheating

Discussion in 'Pork' started by adamjmcmahon, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. adamjmcmahon

    adamjmcmahon Newbie

    I have smoked about 10 pork shoulders and used the same non-sugar based rub each time with great results. My most recent attempt was heavy in the brown sugar and was by far my favorite recipe. However, when I reheated it the next day, it lost all of its smoke flavor and had the consistency of chewing on lard. This was also the first shoulder I used an injection. Any ideas on how this turned so bad overnight?
  2. radio

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    If that is the first one you injected and all the previous cooks were ok, I would suspect the injection.  What did you inject it with?  Did you check IT with an accurate thermometer?  Always possible it could have been a tough  cut from an older pig
  3. adamjmcmahon

    adamjmcmahon Newbie

    I injected it with apple juice, vinegar, Worcestershire and various spices. It was amazing off the smoker. I'll try the same rub without the injection next time and see what happens. Just wondering why it turned so bad after refrigeration.

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