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  1. I've done a couple of butts, but never done a shoulder. I think im going to do one with some ribs for the game tomrow. My question is, do I leave the skin on the shoulder or trim it off? Also, i know everyone cooks by temp not time,but if you have done a shoulder recently and remember the weight and cook time do you think you could tell me what it is so i have a very basic idea for time? Thanks everyone.
  2. richtee

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    A shoulder IS a butt. AKA picnic. Peel the skin and deep fry for cracklins, season after with that Tony stuff, or a spicy rub. Add salt.
  3. glued2it

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    Tony Chachere's creole seasoning
  4. richtee

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    Thanks Glue. I don't use it, but soo many rave on it.
  5. zapper

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    Me thinks the front leg of a pig is called the shoulder

    Me thinks that the bottom part of a pigs front leg is called a picnic

    Me thinks that the top part of a pigs front leg is called a butt

    Both can be found in various stages of butchering, bone in, bone out, together (whole Shoulder), apart (butt and picnic shoulder), skin on and skin off. And there could be a few other local names for the same or slightly modified cuts.

    Many BBQ joints smoke whole shoulders with the skin on. I would venture to say that it helps protect the meat while it cooks and helps keep in the moisture. Great for leaving a shoulder or two on the pit while earlier shoulders are being served. Most of us homesteaders buy picnics or butts without the skin and go from there. A whole shoulder with the skin on may be cheaper by the pound but the cooking time whole will be way up there. I also think that most places that cook with the skin on don't really do alot of rubs on the meat for cooking, but rather depend on a sause after cooking.

    Skin on or skin off? You decide. Its your pig!

    I like butt, bone in, skin off, rubbed, late foil, vingar based sause on the side. Your results may vary!

    Pics requested
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    As far as a shoulder goes Zapper nailed it. When ever I smoke a Picnic I take the skin off. But make sure you leave the fat cap on. The last one I done was around 9lbs. And at 220 it usualy takes about 12 hrs. But with the platue(I hate that word) it may change. Good Luck.
  7. Ha. I love this game. Hear one thing from someone, then something completely different from someone else. ok... so what i got was a picnic shoulder. (my first time).... thats fine.. i cleaned it very neatly and took off all the skin. I know yall are going to hate me for it, but i didnt have time to deal with the skin for cracklings. The college life got the best of me.. please forgive me. Anyways, I DID manage to wake up at 5:30 and throw it on my Brinkmann Electric. This will be my first "hardcore" smoke... I bought a small rack of spare ribs also.. about 3 pounds. I plan on throwing those on the top rack around noonish. My temp is fine, holding at 230 on the bottom rack where the shoulders at... couldnt ask for more. The top rack usually stablelizes out around 240 which I find to be a good temperature for my spare ribs. Its been around 3 hours, about to take detailed pics... hopefully yall will be drooling soon. HAHA. hope everyone has a great, relaxed day.
  8. zapper

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    HA, save some for me!

    I am heading to Jacksonville today, I have to pull an all nighter for work[​IMG]
  9. Zapper,
    That is awful! What time do you get off? If you can, make it down the the Gainesville area,watch the game and eat some good barbeque with me and my friends! I promise you you'll feel right at home. Come on over and live a little!!!
  10. richtee

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    OK well, since I can't see it, the footbone's connected to ankle bone ;{)
  11. bbq bubba

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    220 post's and this is your first "serious" smoke???
    You better have some serious Q-view for us!! [​IMG]
  12. Ok been about 6 hours now. the picnic is holding at 158 with a smoker temp at 240. Its definitely hitting the dreaded "plateau" because i've been watching this thermometer for an hour and it hasn't budged a single degree. Im taking pics every so often and will post when its done. Just a waiting game not. Im about to throw the Spare ribs on.
  13. bbq bubba

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    Is that baby done yet??? [​IMG]

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