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Discussion in 'Beef' started by the big dawg, May 7, 2010.

  1. the big dawg

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    Bought 1/2 a beef off my daughters boyfriend. Locker asked me if I wanted the short ribs and not knowing what they are I said yes.

    Anyone know what these are? Can they be smoked? any tips?

    Also have the brisket but not sure how much it weights.
  2. bassman

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    Of course you want the short ribs. They are rather fatty, but excellent tasting. I can't explain whaich part of the animal they come from, but I'm sure SOB or Pops will be around soon to help you out.
  3. caveman

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  4. Short ribs are great... i usually get the smaller square shaped ones and they usualy have a fat cap that need some trimming before smoking... i lather them up w/ mustard throw my rub on and into the smoker 225/230 for about 5-6hrs (they will shrink up leaving enough bone behind to hold on to)... i make them w/ almost every smoke... everyone loves them... In fact i had a big tray of left overs last night... ate about 6 of them... mmmm mmmm good
  5. jak757

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    Don't listen to anyone who says it's okay to smoke short ribs. Just not true. Not even worth cooking actually.....

    Take my word for it. In fact -- PM me, and I'll send you my address so you can ship them to me so they can be properly, ah, disposed of......

    All kidding aside -- as you might tell -- I LOVE short ribs. Depending on how they were cut/butchered, some have a lot of meat. Yes, as noted above, they can be fatty. But it's nothing but pure deliciousness......

    Smoke them -- and most likely you will want to have them again.

    Or, you really can send them to me.......

  6. LOL i have to admit you had me going there My anger was growing with each word as if you were speaking of my child... perhaps its time for my coffee LOL!!! well done sir!
  7. jak757

    jak757 Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    Thanks Steve! Glad you stayed with it, got the humor, and my main point. Shorts ribs are, in my opinion, out of this world.

    I really like the big meaty ones braised or smoked. Sams club sells these cross cut noes that I've had -- and like as well. Not as much meat, but its all good!
  8. Agreed![​IMG]
  9. I have not smoked short ribs but I braise them quite often. I consider them a delicacy (they can be pricey at the store)
    I am sure they would smoke good since they really lend themselves to the low and slow (braising) method of cooking.
  10. i like to braise them myself.....they are good in a pomadoro kind of sauce

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