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Discussion in 'Beef' started by bman62526, May 18, 2009.

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    I see erain just posted some awesome short rib que view! Funny, because I thought of posting this question last night...

    I bought some short ribs from Cub Foods about a month ago. Although I kind of half-ass ruined them with my rub [​IMG] I could tell that they would be instantly near the top of my list of favorites!

    Here's where I went wrong, I took whole peppercorns and Kosher salt and threw it into the coffee grinder, then added garlic salt, onion powder and Paprika. WAAaayy to much pepper - totally killed the natural taste of the meat. Damn...but they were soooo tender.

    Anywhoo - my question is simple, what do you all like for a beef rub? I know I'll cut way down on the pepper this time...not sure why I made such a newbie-type mistake, except for that I was in a hurry and didn't measure.

    I just renewed my Sam's membership. They have awesome looking beef short ribs - compared to Cub's, which until then was the best I could find.

    What do you like for beef rub? Just curious and thought I'd start a discussion.
  2. Too much pepper? No such thing.
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    Cumin and paprika to me go hand-in-hand with beef. However, I have not used a home made rub on short ribs, so I don't know how that particular cut will fare with them. Both are great on Brisket and roasts.

    Ground coriander has a mild flavor and I use coarse ground seeds on beef and pork rubs.

    Of course, Kosher salt is always good in moderation.

    A rub that I think is fantastic is ShooterRick's Copperhead Snake Bite Rub. I've used it on chicken and salmon with fantastic results all around. I see no reason why it wouldn't be perfect for something like shortribs.

    Here' the link to ShooterRick's Copperhead Rub Recipe-

    If you want to see what it loooks like on chicken leg quarters, here's a link to my post a while back when I made some leg-quarters with it. The pics will give you an idea what it looks like before and after cooking. It has a real nice color that makes me say it's gonna be good on short-ribs too!

    Hope this helps you, bud.....good luck!

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