Shelter from the wind and cold idea.

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    Ok I have come up with this crazy idea to keep winter at bay so to speak.
    The colder temps and increased October winds have slowed me down to a crawl.

    I am a reall terrible carpenter and way to cheap to hire one.

    So I came up with the idea of getting an old fridge that is slightly bigger than my Gasser Kettle smoker. I plan to place it about 8 inches off the ground on cement blocks. Cut air holes in the bottom for air ducting and a large hole in the top with a smoke stack in it for ventilation then paint the whole thing black. I would place my Master built cooker inside the fridge out of the wind and cold. Has anybody done something like this?
    Do you think this idea is flawed beyond belief or do you think it has merit?

    I know that I could just as easily make a smoker out of the fridge but really I just need a shelter for my gas kettle smoker.
    With holes cut in the floor and roof the fridge would not be a dangerous trap for exploring children.

    Before I had this brainstorm I was going to get a 4x8 sheet of plywood, cut it into three 48"x32" sections held together by hinges so I'd have a three sided wind shield. The beauty of the plywood shield would be that it would fold flat easily and stored when not in use.

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