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    I have had the adventure using sheeps casings a few times now. each time the endeavor has gotten easier BUT HOW I MISS STUFFING KIELBASA compared to these tiny little fragile BAST88DS !!!!
    i have also notice i am making larger batches so i dont have to raise my bloodpressure so high... as often ...  ha haha

     being 6'8" and 350lbs doesnt exactly give me a surgeons hands ...  ha ha ha
    but as i stated ... practice makes perfect. i had a lot of help in the earlier batches from Boykjo, even had some of his spice blend. now i soldier on alone in my basement with grinder, food processor and stuffer making the elusive FRANKFURTERS...

    they are in the smoker as i type this out. it is a long drawn out process with the multiple grinding, emulsifying, stuffing, smoking and then finishing off in the hot water !!!!! AND DID I MENTION THE CLEAN UP .... THE DREADED CLEAN UP .......
    anyways i will be having a real treat for dinner Monday as a friend is trading me a load of homemade sauerkraut for some franks ....

    no pics as i have already done a complete thread on this before ... JUST NEEDED A VENT ...  HA HA HA

    heres the thread

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    I hear ya G.............. I dread the clean up too and you have to get to it right away. Pork turns to concrete on    Just a heads up I am no longer emulsifying the meat when making hot dogs. I'm finding that a triple grind is sufficient. Last time I emulsified the meat it became grainy. Bummer... all that work. It was from the excess water added to the meat to loosen it so i wouldn't burn up the food processor... How was the texture of your dogs......
  3. goliath

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    i think it coulda used more fat, i didnt use much at all... the healthy wiener ...   LOL
    so the texture was quite dense, not grainy,  flavour was good... (not as good as the spices you sent me)
    i used the Rytek recipe and your smoking instructions.

    ALL THE VULTURES LOVED THEM ..... as we are always our strongest critics so maybe i will do the triple grind next time. i have a real powerful food processor and even it heats up, and like you said .... had to keep adding water.



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