sfprankster's (mis)adventures with Too Many Butts

Discussion in 'Pork' started by sfprankster, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. Here we go again on another overnighter... [​IMG]

    Got my grubby paws on 18 lbs of pork butts in various sizes...

    ...the plan is to smoke them over cherry and peach @ 225-230...

    ...two are destined to become pulled pork using a fairly basic rub...


    ...the last will become char siu with an asian inspired rub... 

    ...char siu glaze reduced and awaiting orders to begin tonight's mission... [​IMG]


    ...the butts have been gently massaged with their respective rubs...

    ...waiting for the WSM to come up to temperature and emit the oh so coveted TBS... [​IMG]

    ...an overnighter smoker's best friend...

    ...a pair of 10w rechargeable LED lights to focus a little light on the subject at hand...


    ...my Maverick ET-733 transmitter hiding under the canopy to avoid the dew...

    ...thanx Todd!!...for the 6' probes... [​IMG]


    ...and we're off to an early start...

    Stay tuned for more of sfprankster's (mis)adventures with Too Many Butts. [​IMG]
  2. mneeley490

    mneeley490 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    [​IMG]   I'm in. Cherry and peach, eh? That sounds like an interesting combination. Let us know how it works, please.
  3. I'm going for a little something different this time around with an all fruit wood smoke. Rather than adding sugar into the rub, I'm experimenting with the flavor profile through the subtle addition of sweetness and fruitiness in the smoke. It's about making my own unique twist on the foods I enjoy. It's fun to make friends, family and peers go "hmmmmmmm", when they taste the foods I've prepared. I like to test their palate, to see if they can recognize the different flavors. 

    The peach and cherry wood has been staples in my kettle grilling arsenal for many years. Cherry is very common for smoking and grilling, the peach, not so much. That's one of the reasons I use peach quite often. The same goes for almond, plum or citrus. It's all readily available locally and unusual. 
  4. crazymoon

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    SFP, Looking good ,I'm in !
  5. Cruisin' along... [​IMG]

    156 IT on the smallest butt...

    226 in the chamber... [​IMG]

    Plan on foiling at 165 on the little butt... 

    Char siu glaze at 160 on the middle butt...

    going naked all the way to the end on the BIG butt...

  6. Looking good. Cool lights, where ya get'm and whats the run time on a charge, like to get a pair of them.
  7. Thanx!!

    super bright leds.com  carries them.

    Run time for a full charge is a little over 3 hours 

    There's also a 20w version available.
  8. Thank ya, have a great cook and holiday.
  9. Anytime!!

    You have a great weekend as well!!

    Snuck a peek...

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  10. Not used to the alarm on my Maverick thermometer... [​IMG]

    ...fumbled around trying to figure out what was making the racket while half asleep... [​IMG]

    Update 9 hours:

    Little butt(aka pulled pork) foiled/sauced @ 165 


    Middle butt(aka char siu) glazed @ 160

    BIG butt(aka pulled pork) @ unknown temperature and still going naked all the way [​IMG]

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  11. Looking Good, Can't wait !!!

  12. Thanx!!

    Made a sticky mess with the char siu glaze all over myself and the camera... [​IMG]  

    I don't function very well on a few hours of sleep anymore... [​IMG]

    Even half asleep, they all smell so good... [​IMG]
  13. Looks great so far..... 
  14. Thanx!!

    Getting oh so close to having a couple of the butts done... [​IMG]

    The little butt just broke into the mid 190's and cruising along at a nice pace... [​IMG]

    The char siu is looking mighty good... 

    ...maybe another light coat of glaze when I take the little butt out... 

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  15. Two out of three butts smoked and resting...

    Haven't peeked at the smaller butt...

    Char siu after having been glazed a second time and now resting in a foil tent...


    First temperature check on the BIG butt since beginning the WSM treatment at 8:45pm last night...

    ...12 hours of cherry/peach smoke and sitting at 180...

    ...naked all the way... [​IMG]

    So far, so good!! [​IMG]
  16. rabbithutch

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    You sure are makin' me HUNGRY!!!!!
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  17. First peek into the foiled/sauced pulled pork after resting an hour and 45 minutes...


    The bone is wiggly loose... [​IMG]  
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  18. Wasn't intentional... [​IMG]
  19. Having a moment to have a cup of coffee(neither denying nor confirming it had a wee bit of cognac)... [​IMG]

    The removal of the bone from the butt... [​IMG]


    Being a hands on type of person, I donned the exam gloves and went at the little butt with a vengeance... [​IMG]


    ...until there was nothing identifiable remaining... [​IMG]

    ...just a large bowl of smoked, porky goodness...

    ...and I haven't cut into the char siu... [​IMG]

    ...yet... [​IMG]
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  20. I can no longer say I haven't cut into the char siu... [​IMG]

    The first couple of slices... [​IMG]


    ...all I cay is "OMG!!!"... [​IMG]

    I will definitely repeat this smoke...  [​IMG]  

    Still have one more pork butt on my WSM poking along...

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