sfprankster's (mis)adventures Smoking Chicken Thighs Outside of the Box

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by sfprankster, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. Here we go again with another variation on smoked chicken thighs... [​IMG]

    I love chicken thighs because they are a quick and easy smoke on my WSM... [​IMG]

    Today, I'm experimenting with different woods to smoke the chicken thighs... [​IMG]

    One, well recognized and used often, sugar maple...

    ...the second, I haven't seen too many people use on this board, rosemary... 

    Sugar Maple and Rosemary Smoked Chicken Thighs

    Once again, I have the thighs in a buttermilk brine with some smashed garlic, lemon zest, fresh sprigs of thyme from the garden, salt and fresh ground black pepper.


    ...with the help of Chef Mike(rowave), I'm makin' some evoo infused with garlic, thyme and lemon zest to slather onto the thighs ... [​IMG]


    ...thighs patted dry and my infused evoo liberally applied... [​IMG]

    ...both grates loaded to capacity and we're ready to go... [​IMG]

    Going to be keeping the temperatures in the 310-325 range. Looking to finish with a crispy skin with a nice, clean bite through... [​IMG]  
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  2. I have my friends(pets?) to help with the smoke today... [​IMG]

    A pair of crows that have adopted me every time I get my WSM smoking... 


    Once, while cleaning the water/drip pan in my WSM...

    ...I made the mistake of leaving the foil containing the drippings on the table outside for 20-25 minutes while I went inside... 

    ...came back to nothing... [​IMG]

    ...now my friends(pets) hang out in the redwoods, whenever the smoke begins... [​IMG]  
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  3. c farmer

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    Easy fix. Shoot the crows.
  4. Nah, they do a fine job cleaning up what the raccoons and skunks leave behind.
  5. Side dishes to go with the smoked chicken thighs...

    Roasted yukon gold potatoes with evoo and rosemary...

    ...and the usual suspects, fresh cracked black pepper and salt to taste...


    ...zucchini marinated with evoo, garlic, thyme, fresh cracked black pepper and salt...

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  6. c farmer

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  7. Can't forget the gf's contribution...

    ...cornbread in the cast iron skillet...


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  8. Hour into the smoke...

    ...time to give the chicken thighs a baste with my infused evoo.. 

  9. Took the chicken thighs out when they hit an internal temperature of 165 and let rest... [​IMG]

    ...skin still a little underdone and needing some direct heat to crisp... 

    ...put them into my kettle at 600+ degrees for 2 minutes a side to reverse sear...

    ...skin nice and crisp now... [​IMG]


    Plated with roasted Yukon Gold potatoes, roasted zucchini and homemade cornbread...

    Success!!! [​IMG]

    ...moist, tender and a clean bite through skin... 

    I like the smoke combination of the sugar maple and rosemary. Enough of the rosemary flavor to recognize, but light enough not to overpower the chicken... [​IMG]

    Always fun make people wonder what's different... [​IMG]

    Another sfprankster example of Santa Cruz mountain style smoking!!! [​IMG]  
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    sfp That all looks great,when I had Rosemary plant,I use to use the branches with EVOO as a baster,


  11. awesome looking meal you got there 
  12. oldschoolbbq

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    Awsome , I like the Rosemary touch . I enjoy the flavor , but the Wife doesn't care for it , so I do a side for me !
  13. Thanx!!!

    I like the idea of using the rosemary branch for a sauce mop. [​IMG]

    The rosemary grows wild on the mountain behind our house. It's one of the few plants the deer, rabbits and assorted other wildlife won't eat around here. I went out a week ago with a pair of shears, cut a few branches and let them dry in the sun. I have the leaves from my hack job drying on a rack in the window, to fill up my spice jar as well.

    We enjoyed it!!
    I'm in the same boat, my gf doesn't like rosemary. It's too strong and for her, it buries all of the other flavors. With the rosemary smoke, it's very subtle and gives a nice hint of the rosemary without the strong, pungent evergreen taste.
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  14. Rough day in the sfprankster household... [​IMG]

    ...having to eat leftover smoked chicken... [​IMG]

    ...on top of a load of this season's fresh, organic harvest from the local farmer's market... [​IMG]

    I know, eating too much of the rabbit food will ruin my reputation... [​IMG]  
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