sfprankster's (mis)adventures Makin' More Pastrami

Discussion in 'Beef' started by sfprankster, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. Being one of my favorite smoked meats... [​IMG]

    Here we go again... [​IMG]

    Pastrami sfprankster Style

    Last time I made pastrami, it was a small section I had cut off of a 9 lb brisket. No where near enough for the time involved. Having picked up a couple of prime briskets(11 lb and a 20 lb) yesterday, the smaller of the two(11 lb) is going to become a pastrami...


    Enough of the meat porn... 

    ...time to begin makin' the brine...

    ...another "not so random" spice mix...

    ...toasted in a dry pan tuntil the spices become fragrant...

    ...and the spice test begins... [​IMG]

    ...can you name the spices in the pan... [​IMG]

    ...added a couple of ice cubes to speed up the cooling process after dissolving the salt... [​IMG]

    ...added crushed garlic, crumbled bay leaves, my pickling spices... 

    ...a little creative trimming of the fat cap(to my gf's dismay [​IMG]  )...

    ...and into storage bags for a minimum 15 day brine(I hope I can make it that long)...

    ...sealed away on the top shelf in the walk-in...


    To be continued...
  2. tropics

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    I have a good seat I see

    Mustard Seed,Black Pepper Corns,Whole Allspice, Clove and Juniper

    Don't forget to add some Bay leaves[​IMG]

  3. All correct but one...

    No juniper berries in the mix(a flavor my gf doesn't like)...

    Couple more hidden in the mix, going to be tough to see all of them in the image...

    I added the plenty of the crumbled bay leaves into the brine without toasting them... 

    Hardest part is waiting the 15 days... [​IMG]

    The last one got smoked after 8 days in the brine, it just smelled too good when I was checking up on the progress... 
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  4. tropics

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  5. Yup!!

    Still a couple more spices in the mix, chopped or broken into small pieces... [​IMG]

    You have much better vision than I do... 

    I keep putting off my date with Lenscrafters... [​IMG]  
  6. tropics

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    Okay so now that I am almost blind LOL puts on my 1.25 reading glasses,I think I see 4 little Thyme leaves.

  7. LOL!!!

    1.25?? I wish...I need 2.0-2.5 to see the keys on the keyboard clearly, a foot away... 

    ...otherwise, my arms just need to be a little bit longer...

    No thyme in the mix...

    I used the last of my fresh thyme last night in a chicken soup, to help my gf feel better with her cold...

    ...have to let my little thyme plant regenerate before I can use it again...

    The hard to see spices are tiny, chopped pieces of nutmeg and a crushed and chopped cinnamon stick in the brine... 
  8. tropics

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    You know I did think I seen the cinnamon next to a clove of course Thanks it was fun trying

  9. Great effort!!   [​IMG]

    Few can identify spices by sight. 

    The nutmeg pieces get almost crushed when chopped. It remains a little courser than when using a nutmeg grater. Still discernible, but just barely(some visible near the edge, around 3:30-4 o'clock in the brine image). The cinnamon, I crushed with the flat of a large cleaver and chopped into finer pieces. They both add a nice undertones to the pastrami. Once done in the brine, I'll use a more traditional coriander/black pepper rub when smoking.

    It's nice having the convenience of working in a commercial kitchen. With a pair of walk-in's, it easy to brine over several days and not having to move everything around at home to make room in the fridge.

    Well, I'll return to this thread in a couple of weeks(if I can hold out that long [​IMG]  )...
  10. The last brisket I let brine to make pastrami, made it 8 days before it was tossed into my WSM. It just smelled so good when I was checking on it, I couldn't wait any longer... [​IMG]

    This time around, I planned ahead and made sure I didn't have any free time to smoke the pastrami, before a minimum of 12 days in the brine. I'm hoping I have the patience to let it run its course over 15 days in the brine. The plan is to be smoking it on Friday Oct 15th, or the following Sunday at the latest. [​IMG]   My busy work and travel schedule over the next 10 days will force a little more patience this time around. [​IMG]

    At day 5 of the brine, all is looking and smelling amazing. The pickling spices I used, fill the kitchen with hints of garlic, bay, cinnamon, clove and allspice, even with a 12' overhead exhaust running. 

    Sorry no images this time, too much going on in the kitchen to get a camera out and not have it covered in chocolate... [​IMG]

    So glad I still have pulled pork and pork belly, to get me through the next couple of days... [​IMG]

    I'll update this thread in a couple of days, Thursday or Friday, the next time I will have a chance to check on the progress of my pastrami brine.
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    I am in. I still have yet to do pastrami but it is high on my list. 
  12. Making pastrami is the main reason I purchased my WSM... [​IMG]

    The first pastrami I made, began as a half brisket flat(roughly 4 lbs) and I kept in the brine for 8 days...

    ...worst part, the pastrami was gone before I knew it... [​IMG]

    There's a place in San Carlos, CA, The Refuge, that brines and smokes their own pastrami that is sooooo good. Whenever I have events nearby, that's where I go to eat afterwards. At $17 for a reuben and fries, it's a little on the steep side. The 1000 island dressing, sauerkraut and onion relish they use, are easy for me to duplicate. The emmentaler cheese, I can get from friends who own a specialty foods distributorship. As to the rye bread, my gf is the baker around here... [​IMG]   The hardest part is having the patience to wait for the brine step of the process... 

    Day 7

    Got another chance to peek at my brisket in the brine again today...

    ...smells soooo good... [​IMG]

    ...glad I have a long day at work tomorrow and private events Saturday and Sunday...

    ...otherwise I would've tossed it into my WSM tonight... [​IMG]
  13. Coming soon™

    ...update to my brisket pastrami brine day 12 update tomorrow night... [​IMG]

    Getting close to my pastrami smoke time [​IMG]  
  14. c farmer

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    I am in. I havent done a briskey for pasrtami yet.
  15. It's an all time favorite of mine!!!

    Hard for me to wait for the 15 day brine to complete. Every time I check on it at work, I have to resist the urge to take it home and toss it into my WSM.. The first one, a 4 lb piece of brisket made it 8 days in the brine, before I broke down and smoked it.
  16. tropics

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    You do know I am still waiting  [​IMG]

    Finally picked up some Brisket at a great price.Will probably turn at least one piece into a pastrami.

  17. crazymoon

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    SFP, I'm in ![​IMG]
  18. No extra pressure needed to pull it early... [​IMG]

    I'm glad I'm busy this week with work. I hope to smoke it Friday, Sunday at the latest. It's getting so close... [​IMG]

    I did the small piece(4 lb) of brisket the last time I made pastrami. It barely lasted long enough to make a couple of reubens and tossed over a salad. The initial picking and tasting when it came out of my WSM, made the 4 lb pastrami too small for the effort. This time, I'm beginning with an 11 lber. So I can have it for more than a couple of days. [​IMG]
    I have to remember to take my camera to work tonight for a couple of updated images... [​IMG]  
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  19. Official Day 12 Pastrami Brine Update

    I made it through work without bringing my pastrami home and firing up my WSM...

    ...it was tough to resist the urge, but somehow I managed... [​IMG]

    ...the smell when I opened my brine bucket was amazing... [​IMG]

    ...hints of ginger and garlic...  

    ...the cinnamon, clove, allspice, nutmeg in the kitchen...

    ...the final countdown begins...
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    One of my favorites ,too !

    Love the home cure . . . so much better than the (already done and packed at the meat cooler. )

    Walk in , :icon_eek: Must be nice . . .:icon_idea:f

    Yours looks great , have fun munching on that , and as always . . .

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