sfprankster's (mis)adventure with Crispy Skin Thighs

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by sfprankster, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. Keepin' it simple today with a couple of variations of chicken thighs on my WSM. Only difference in the variations being, 1/2 of the thighs will be with rub only, the other 1/2 with rub and a sauce at the end.  

    Letting the thighs air dry on racks after a rinsing and patting them dry...

    Very simple rub of salt, fresh cracked black pepper, garlic and onion...

    ...and back into the fridge for some condensor/fan drying before the WSM spa treatment begins...

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  2. tropics

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    Wow I have Legs and Thighs going right now I'll be watching

  3. A race to the finish!!!  [​IMG]

    May the slowest smoker win!!! [​IMG]
  4. tropics

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    Running at 275* already in 1 1/2 hours 

    Guru has it rock solid

  5. I still have a steady stream of white smoke I'm waiting on... [​IMG]

    I'm ramping up the temperature to the low 300's, preferably near 325-330 for the crispy skin effect... 

    It won't be for several hours before mines ready to eat... [​IMG]
  6. Climbing steadily into the crispy skin range...

  7. tropics

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    I may have to add more coal,to get that temp Arrrg 

  8. Emitting the TBS and fast approaching the "crispy skin" zone in 3... [​IMG]



    ...and here we go...

    I'm using RO lump and apple for this smoke. [​IMG]   I can get my WSM up to the 350-375 range with the lump rather than using KBB briquets.

    And a little snack of pulled pork sliders with a fresh apple slaw to tide us over until dinner... [​IMG]

  9. Dessert out of the oven...

    Apple pie with a crumble topping... [​IMG]

    Again, I take no credit for the baking... [​IMG]

    This was done by my gf... [​IMG]
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  10. 1 hour in and rolling along at...

    The skin is beginning to take on a golden brown color... [​IMG]

    I know... [​IMG]

    I'm breaking the first rule of smoker's club... [​IMG]

    No peeking... [​IMG]
  11. Last step of the way...

    Skin all puffed and crispy with the layer of fat beneath rendered and sizzling in the drip pan...

    Sauce applied to 1/2 of the thighs...


    So close... [​IMG]

    Time to work on the sides...
  12. Side #1

    Fresh fruit salad

    Pineapple, cara cara orange segments, red flame grapes, cantaloupe and banana with a squeeze of fresh lime...

    Side #2

    Fresh asparagus with a little evoo and fresh grated garlic on the WSM...

    And our crispy skin chicken, in two variations, resting comfortably after its WSM spa treatment...

    Let the drooling begin... [​IMG]  

    Coming to a plate near me... [​IMG]
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  13. Plated and ready to be served...

    Skin nice 'n crisp...

    ...fat layer nicely rendered off...

    ...even after the application of sauce...

    Meat moist 'n delicious...

    As always, we're roughin' it in the Santa Cruz mountains, sfprankster style... [​IMG]
  14. b-one

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    Tasty looking meal!
  15. dirtsailor2003

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    Nice smoke!

  16. Thanx!!!

    Slowly getting back into the swing of things...

    Finding all kinds of toys while unpacking... [​IMG]  
  17. jp61

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    Nice job!
  18. Thanx!!!

    Back to having fun with my WSM!!!
  19. Missing pieces from the apple pie...

    ...and dessert is served...

  20. tropics

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    Nice job on the smoke,the whole meal looks great Points


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