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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by crush, Mar 2, 2011.

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    I live in Canada where it is pretty cold this time of year and wanted to see if I could get a smoker at a reduced price. I have some general questions.

    -I was thinking of getting the MES 40. I notice that there is one with a window on the front and one that is a black box. I don't want to spend more money than I need to and would be more of an 'occasional' smoker (maybe 5-6 time a year to do batches of pastrami and corned beef).

    -Can I use the MES 40 in the winter time?

    -With the MES 40, how often do I need to add woodchips?

    -I live in an urban area. I do NOT have outdoor coverage incase it rains. Is the MES 40 safe to use in the rain?

    -My wife is from Montreal and we'd like to impress family with quality corned beef, pastrami and Montreal Smoked meat. I understand the corned beef doesn't come out moist and proper unless the briskets are large. Would the MES 40 be large enough to make a full sized brisket?

    -I notice when watching Food Network, whenever I see smoked meat, there is always a black crust around the meat that is crispy and when they cut into it. It is increadibly juicy. Like.. SUPER juicy.  There is also this smoke ring that always gets mentioned. I notice, that the food made in the MES looks almost nothing like what I see on TV. Can someone fill me in on why the MES made smoked meat I see on Youtube doesn't look like the stuff I see on Food TV? Maybe its just that on Youtube they don't cut into it right away? With the MES 40 give you the exact same flavor as those that are on TV?

    -I saw this Youtube video. In it the guy says that the smoker like that of the logo of this website is the best one if you are serious about smoking. When you have to smoke for 12-14 hours, wouldn't it be best to have consistent heat from an electric smoker?

    Thanks so much for any help.. I really really want to make the best corned beef that I can.
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    Welcome to SMF.. i don't have a MES but there is a lot of people here that do and someone will be around to help you out.. I do no a lot of people use them in the winter with good success. As for as coverage you are going to want some sort of shelter for it.. Happy smoking
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    Will reply to this post tomorrow w/ some good info.
  4. It is kind of like having a discussion over what is more important, convenience or results. Those that use a MES will likely feel that a MES is much easier to use than a gas, charcoal, or wood smoker and that the results are not much different. Those that prefer a gas, charcoal, or wood smoker will likely feel that the results are much better using their type of smoker and that it is worth the extra effort. It is kind of like having a discussion over whether a gas or charcoal BBQ is better. Some would not consider using a gas BBQ for grilling while many others do.

    I have a both gas grill and a MES so I am obviously in the camp that prefers convenience...a lot.

    By the way, I find that the window on the MES is very nice to have.
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    Ok I found a video showing of exactly how I need my corned beef to look. Notice the thick hard skin and moisture:

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    I answered in red.
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    Here's a photo of a corned beef brisket that was smoked in a MES 40.

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