Semi - Smoked Burgers, Corn & Strawberry Stuff

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by smoking b, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. Due to unforeseen circumstances I was unable to do the smoke I wanted to today. I still wanted to have some smoke flavor in my meal so I had to come up with something quick & easy.

    The problem was that my smoker was being used to finish cold smoking my CB.

    What I decided to do was add these in with the CB.

    Some burgers that I ground myself. I left them soak up the hickory smoke for 1 1/2 hours.

    After the burgers were in for an hour I put the corn on the grill.

    A half hour later the corn was done & it was time for the burgers.

    Here they are cooking nicely over charcoal.

    Done & on a roll made using Roller's recipe  [​IMG]

    And for dessert - strawberry stuff.

    Another super easy to make, very tasty treat that will have you craving more  [​IMG]

    Ok the burger took on a nice bit of smoke flavor that complemented the charcoal nicely - very tasty. The grilled corn was a nice side & the strawberry stuff was a great dessert! This was nothing fancy but a good, easy meal that still had some smoke flavor in it.

    Note: I would not do this with store bought burger. This was ground by me & I knew it had been handled properly & had not been in the danger zone for too long. Too many unknown variables with store bought burger for me to take the chance...
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  2. so ms smoker

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      Burgers and corn look good. Did you soak the corn?  Now you have to come clean on the 'strawberry stuff' ! Looks kinda like homemade strawberry ice cream!

  3. foamheart

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    Looks tastee! You ever throw a couple a slices of your belly bacon in with the beef when you grind? Its pretty dang good. I do it now after having to do it because there is NO fat in ground meat anymore. The most fat I can get here is what they call 80/20 lean which really means like 7 % fat and 5.00/lb. I refuse to even call it hamburger, its all speciality ground meat!

    You supper looks good man.
  4. disco

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    As usual, the best food is made at home! Well done.

  5. webowabo

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    Looks great. I laughed at the post title... "strawberry stuff" hehehe..
  6. Thanks Mike  [​IMG]   The corn was only soaked for about 10minutes before it had to go on. The strawberry stuff is similar to ice cream - sort of like ice cream stuff but different  [​IMG]   We had it all the time when I was a kid & I've continued making it since it is very easy & doesn't take an ice cream machine. 
  7. Thanks Foamheart  [​IMG]   Yes I have thrown some of my bacon in before - usually ends & especially when making bologna or snack sticks.
  8. Looks like an awesome meal from here! Don't ya love grinding your own burger? I gotta make some of that "frozen stuff".
  9. Thanks Disco  [​IMG]
    Thanks Mike  [​IMG]   That's what my mom always called it when I was growing up - strawberry stuff  [​IMG]
  10. Thanks Alesia  [​IMG]   I do love grinding my own burger - much better than what you get at the store!  I have to take off for a bit but I will get the recipe up for the strawberry stuff when I get back.

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