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    Hello all, I'm new here and this is my first post.

    I'm English, love bbq and 'american' style bbq and smoked food. So I decided to have a go at building a small smoker and seeing if I could make a little jerky...possibly ribs, if all goes to plan.
    I've researched tons of designs, ideas, plans etc. I ended up with a plywood built, electric hob smoker...very basic but it works. I put the heat on last night (bit if a chill in the air) and hit 170f. Tonight I'm going to test my smoke.

    Couple of questions:
    Should I line my smoker with foil? Would this retain heat better? How do you apply the foil?

    How much chips should I use? I know its very broad, but I'm thinking too much would take too long to burn and not enough would burn too I right? What temperature will the chips smoke at?

    I'll post some pics of my smoker soon.

  2. Hello.  Some pictures of your smokehouse would help.  170 isn't gonna cut it is it?  We need to see why you are limited on temp.  The foil lining should not be necessary.  May be an air flow problem.  Give us a little time and we'll get ya going.  Keep Smokin!

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    I think the evening got colder as the sun went down, which may have been an issue. Also I have two electric hobs which cut out at certain temps. I'm trying again Saturday. Hopefully the weather is better.

    Ok, it was only because I read somewhere about lining it with foil. It was just a thought, easier for me if I didn't have to.

    I know 170 isn't high enough for ribs etc, but should be ok for jerky right? Most recipes ive read range from 145-180f. Maybe I've been reading something wrong. Anyway I'm sure it'll get hotter, I only had it on for a short while with no smoke and in the evening.

    Ill put some pics up when I'm back home. I'm away from home at the moment

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