second time doing butts. will they be ok?

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  1. I am doing my second run of Boston butts. I have a big BBQ tomorrow so I'm a bit nervous here. My first time I had 2-8.5 lb. The temp outside was about 35° and I didn't foil at all. They were on the WSM for 13 hours with the temp between 225-240. Today I have 2-7.5 lb.It is hot out, 100°. The wife wanted less bark so I ran at 235-240 until 160° then foiled. After I foiled I couldn't get the temp back down below 255-260. They hit 197° and I pulled them. They are now resting in the cooler. My concern is they cooked in only 6.5 hours. I know that foiling helps the stall and the ambient temp being 100 didn't help but I'm concerned they went to fast. Does this sound normal?
  2. Relax my friend.  If you trust your therms, then they are done.  Each chunk of meat ( pork or beef ) behaves differently.  Test your therms if you still feel concern but I'll bet they are ok.  Hope the party goes great.  Happy 4th.  Keep Smokin!

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    Normal.  Trust your thermometer. The outside ambient temp was 65 degrees higher on this smoke than the last. Pork usually pulls at 195 or a bit higher.  So... If  it was at 197 and you could pull the pork then it was done. Relax!



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