Second smoke, first chicken. (with Q view this time)

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by harryset, May 2, 2013.

  1. I blew it with getting Q view with my pulled pork, so I knew I had to get something in this one.

    I'm still feeling my way around this smoking business, and needed a menu to feed my sons 5 year old triplets after school tomorrow, so I decided I'd try and whoop up some chicken.  Picked up two whole birds and some cherry Doctor Pepper to put up on the beer can stand.  Didn't do anything else to the birds.  Nothing.  Zero.  Zip.  Nada.  Washed them and stuck them up on the stands, stuck the temp probe in a breast and started smoking.  I used a combination of hickory and Jack Daniels Oak, and cooked at a temp close to 250 degrees.  Outside temp in the mid to low 30's, and had problems keeping the temp up to 250, once in a while I could hit 275, using propane.  Cooked to an internal temp of 170 degrees breast temp, in around 2 1/2 hours.  The birds turned out great.  Very juicy.  Now my head is working on new recipes.

    Used the suggested frypan for chips on the Masterbuilt.

    Used a large disposable pan for water, instead of the way too small supplied water pan.  You can also see my added door gasket mod.

    My set up for the birds.

    This wasn't supposed to be tonights dinner, but the wife saw it, smelled it, and decided that it was going to be a little better than the left-over turkey log I had planned.  The birds came out tasty, tender and juicy.

  2. cellgirl99

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    That looks great.  Im attempting my first chickens today too.  Should be interesting.
  3. looks really good..chickens really easy and good for starter smokers. although it can be rather unforgiving at times its good hands on experience and less expensive than trying to learn how to smoke with something like a brisket or sumthing me how i know...hahha!! thanks for sharing [​IMG]
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    Harryset,Hello. Glad you are getting some GREAT on you Birds. They have a beautiful Mahogany color to them (good smoke) [​IMG]  and I'm sure the Cherry DP helped in the taste. I used to do a lot of sauces with Dr.Pepper . I lived in Temple , Texas and Waco was a major bottler for the drink.

    Have you tried Brining your bird[​IMG]  An easy chore and the difference in flavor and tenderness is extrordinary. I've used the DP in my Brine ( along with the Salt ) and used the DP as the sugar portion,really good...[​IMG]  . Even if you don't use DP, done with Brown Sugar and some Garlic,Onion, and whatever you desire , it helps the Chicken (or any Fowl) and you could still  cook it Beercan style.

    Hope to hear of more Chicken cooks ,meanwhile , have fun and ...
  5. seenred

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    Those birds look great, Harry!  Love the color on them.  Thanks for posting the Qview...[​IMG]

  6. chef willie

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    Yep, great color on those birds....good job. You're gonna love a turkey in there.....
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    Great looking birds!!! Fantastic color!

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