Second ribs and their Qview

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  1. I used baby back ribs for my first smoke with my MES-30. I chose to split the 3 racks in half so if I flubbed the smoke, I wouldn't have to eat too much bad food, and half the ribs could be used for redemption.

    I over smoked the ribs. I watched some of the MES youtube videos prior to smoking. They said "Add a cup of chips and an hour later, add another cup." This over smoked the meat. I use chips from a hickory tree I cut down. They're highly irregular so I was estimating volume. I've switched to measuring my chip additions in ounces. The smokes since (2 chicken and 1 pork butt) have been much better. Flavorful smoke without over powering the meat.  

    I undercooked them too. I did cook to temp, but failed to allow the connective tissue to ?dissolve?.

    This resulted in tough, over smoked ribs that gave us indigestion. 

    Time to redeem myself. Tomorrow I'll smoke the other half. I've rubbed them and put them to bed for the night:


    I used the same rub I list here:

    With my chips I've found 1/2 oz per pound provides a nice smoke for us. I'm not sure if I'm going to up the ratio a tad because the ribs have more surface area than the chicken and butt. Hmm. Maybe I should use a tad less. Or not worry so much.

    I'm going to use the 2-2-1 @ 225 process for the smoke. I'm going to use the same mop during the braise portion that I used in the "foiled" section (165-195) on the butt. I'll start preheating about 10 AM so we can have an early supper.

    I'll take and post pictures between smoking and braising.

    And for those keeping track, the beer du jour will be French Broad Brewing Wee-Heavier Scotch Ale I'll also use it in the vinegar sauce I'm making (same as the butt post)
  2. Good luck with this batch..........[​IMG]

  3. Thank you. Last night in the chat room DanMcG and Thailandphil (or two people with userids very close to those) suggested my problem with the original batch had to do with keeping the vent closed, not the amount of wood. This may be true. I changed two parameters (less wood and opened the vent). I've ascribed the better taste to less wood. It might be the open vent.

    They're smoking away. Time to update the Qview.
  4. Moving along ... I guess my smoker's getting seasoned. The good news: the smoker sits outside my office window. The better news: it's a beautiful day here in the NC mountains and my windows are open. Hmmmmmm.


    In they went!


    Another 45 minutes of smoke and it's time to foil. I'll take a pic before I foil the ribs.
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    Looks good so far! 
  6. Looking good.........[​IMG]
  7. And after two hours:


    I foiled the ribs with 1/3 cup mop sauce (1/2 cup water, 1/2 apple cider vinegar and 1/4 cup rub). I thought about doing them all in one foil pan, and decided to try individual wraps.


    They have another hour to braise, then it's unwrap for the final hour.  During the final hour I'll be making more of our favorite vinegar based sauce.
  8. And after 2 hours braising, the bone ends are just starting to appear.


    I decided to put the ribs in the smoker on the open foil. I figured it would make it easy to wrap them when it became time to rest.

    While they're spending the final hour in the smoker, I'm making a milder sauce than here:  I cut the red pepper flakes to 1 TBSP. 


    The grill in the background hosted the "2011 Christmas Conflagration" when my son and I were smoking some Tasso ham. All's well that ends well, and I got the MES to keep me from smoking on her grill.
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  9. It all looks good including that dark beer....Yum.......[​IMG]
  10. I live near Beer City USA (Asheville, NC). Beyond the micro-breweries, in the last year Sierra Nevada and Fat Tire have announced plans to open an east coast brewery in Asheville. It won't change my beer buying, but it will help the local economy. We have a nano-brewery near by We like their beer, but I don't think it would work well as the backbone for the sauce. When they get a stout it might. So many beers, so little time! [​IMG]
  11. and finally out come the ribs!


    Before cutting


    In a pile and ready to eat!


    The 2008 Klinker Brick Zinfandel matched the smoke nicely. We blended today's sauce with some sauce from the butt that had twice the red pepper. The red and black pepper in the sauce provided a front/mid palate kick. The Zin balanced the spice profile with a back palate spice.

    After 5 smokes I think I've learned:

    1. Smoking pork takes a lot of apple cider vinegar and beer. Buy larger bottles of both.

    2. Reducing vinegar based sauces works better out doors.

    3. Spend more time reading the forums and hanging out in the chat room.

    Like music and painting, smoking is an art. I'm not yet confident in my command of the basics to start improvising. But I get to eat my experiments, and Karol said this set of ribs tasted much better than the first.

    Thanks to all who've posted. I'm smoking on the shoulders of giants! 
  12. You did a great job........................[​IMG]
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    they look good, 2-2-1 work great
  14. They look great! [​IMG]
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    Great job. I screwed up numerous racks before I got the hang of smoking. Now, it just comes second nature. Seems that they get better each time.

    I always use an AMNPS (I love Pitmaster's Choice), instead of wood;

    I cook my ribs for 6 hours straight at 230 degrees and then will wrap them until I'm ready to eat. And finally, I always use Jeff's rub (with a TBS of Cumin).

    But congrats to you my friend!

  16. I may get one of those, some day. Right now I'm grooving on adding chips. It makes me feel like I'm doing something [​IMG]

    I decided to work through the 5 day ecourse. I purchased Jeff's rub and sauce recipes. I'm happy to support this site. The site's worth the cost. If I like the rub and sauce, even better.
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  17. Thank you. They were. And will be. They're supper tonight too!
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    Looks good and sounds like a great wine pairing.    [​IMG]

  19. And there's wine left over for the left over ribs! 

    If I ever finish reading the "beginner's guide to brisket" I may try that next. 

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