Second Go at Brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by mikewoods, Mar 15, 2015.

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    I smoked my second brisket yesterday.  A 6.5 lb packer from the same local butcher. Brisket was on sale for $4.69/lb this week (down from $4.99/lb last week).  Overall, It turned out better than the first in terms of texture and feel, but this one was a little dry.   Ideally, the next brisket will be somewhere in between the two.



    Trim meat, cover in yellow mustard, coat in coarse crushed black pepper, put back in fridge.


    5a- Pull meat from fridge, rub in coarse sea salt. make coffee

    5:15a- fire up MES30 dial on 'HI', fill woodchip bowl, fill water bowl, insert Taylor thermometer in potato place on top rack.

    6a- Thermometer reads 300 degrees F- Put meat in smoker- dial heat back to 225. 

    10a- Refill water bowl- check internal temp - 105 degrees F.

    12:30p- Had to run an errand for my wife at 1 so I checked internal temp again before I left- 115 degrees F.

    2:15p- Returned home- checked internal temp- 205 degrees F. I couldn't believe it. I'm not sure how/why these cuts are cooking so quickly.  Wrapped in foil, wrapped in towel, placed in cooler until dinner time.

    6:30p- Dinner time. Sliced according to a step-by-step I read here, separated the flat from the point.  Check out the QView below.

    Scored through fat

    Slathered and Rubbed

    Fresh out of the smoker

    Sliced the point first

    Then the flat, note burnt ends on bottom left

    Thanks again for all the encouragement and advice. The next one will be right on point.
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  2. waterinholebrew

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    Looks great, nice smoke ! Thumbs Up
  3. crazymoon

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    MW, Nice looking brisket![​IMG]
  4. Looks like the cook time was about right according to the 1.5 hrs/# rule.

    Looks good! Cooking my first brisket now!
  5. Nice Job, Only suggestion  More Fat Cap !   Try leaving more on next time about a 1/4 inch and see if it helps  look for a lot of marbling in the meat

  6. mikewoods

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    Thanks Gary,

    I did trim quite a bit this time..  I thought my woes last time were due to too much fat.   It'll probably be a few weeks before I do another brisket- We're going to Vegas tomorrow! 
  7. Have Fun.   Also besides the fat cap look for marbling  the more the better

  8. aceoky

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    Great job!

  9. Looks good. Another note for next time, there's no need to use the water pan in the MES so leave it dry. All you're doing is adding moisture to the exterior of the meat and inhibiting it from forming any sort of bark. 
  10. demosthenes9

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    WRT the quick jump in temp, I'd guess that something was wrong with thermometer placement.     After 6 hrs in the smoker, the temp should have been well above 115. 

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